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T or P springs, only performance/handling in mind

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I am going to Rehagen next week to get FR springs, adjustable pan hard, rear LCA and relocation brackets as well as MM caster camber plate installed.
I did some research but could not find a solid answer.
I only care about performance, not look and no ride quality, so which spring will serve me better T or P?

All of these springs will add mild harshness to you current ride. The T-Springs are not as special as we thought they were going to be. I think either the front or rears are actually directly from another Ford Racing set. Furthermore, I dont think anyone has testing the P springs against the T springs though.

Call Ford Racing and ask them. They will recommend the P over T for track use.
Before creating this thread I called Ford Racing this AM
The guy said T springs and I even clarified to him that I am looking for handling/track not look and he said T.
Then I said, it has been rumored that you guys are using the K spring at the rear in your " T specifically Boss springs"
He said the part number has K in it, but he assured me that it is different than the K setup!

I just wanted to know if T is worth of extra money as compared to P
I doubt it is worth the difference in price to get the T springs, best would be to match the P springs with better dampeners.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
I suspect the T springs would be the best plug-n-play option on the stock staggered tire setup. Springs, panhard and brackets and I think you'd be good to go.

I believe that P springs work better starting with a square setup.

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