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The story of buying your Boss...

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I felt like sharing my story of how I became a Boss owner and thought it would be cool if anyone else had a good story to share it. I think these are very unique cars and people are going to great lenghts to buy them it seems, so I thought it would be cool to read about it.

Before I bought my boss I had owned a string of random hobby cars, 2 VW Beetles (a 73 and a 55), a 1946 Nash Sedan, a Pinzgauer military vehicle, and a 99 Miata. In a way, its the Miata that led me to the Boss. I always thought I liked old cars but in reality I just didnt enjoy driving them, I preferred modern cars. I randomly bought the Miata one day because it was a cheap way to get a convertible, and I fell in love with the driving dynamics and reliability and pretty much stopped driving every other car I had. Fast forward two years from that purcahse and my son is now of the age that he knows I am going out for a ride in a fun car and he wants to go. Obviously he cant ride in a Miata at 2, so I talked to the wife and we decided a sports cars with 4 seats would be best so it can become a family hobby.

I started out looking at first gen S197 Mustangs and used Challengers. From there I slowly ratcheted up to new Base GT's and R/T Challengers. Finally, I decided the Challenger was out and focused on Mustangs. The more I thought about it, I realized this was a car I planned to own for a long time and decided not to cheap out. I was all set to pull the trigger on a factory order of a GB GT Premium w/ Track Pack and Glass Roof when on a whim I went to a local dealer who had a Boss to take a look. I absolutely fell in love with the car on first glance. The dealer played their usual games and I countered with an offer below MSRP. They wouldnt budge on MSRP so I walked. Got a call 30 minutes later they they wanted to talk more but I decided to go home because I needed to cool off and not make a rash decision.

That Monday I went and ordered the GB GT at a local dealer, facing some finacial pressure from the wife. The next day after placing the order, the dealer with the Boss called and accepted my offer flat out. I nearly fell off my chair. I was freaking out because here it was I could actually get the Boss at a price I want to pay. I didnt know what to do. Long story short I cancelled the original order which was only 2 days old, got my deposit back and bought my Boss :) . I felt bad backing out of my order but thats just what happens sometimes. So glad I did it, I know I would have just been longing for a Boss if I had bought that GT. There is just something special about this car. I told my wife this car is my 2nd wife and that we're married to it. haha.
Very cool JB. I will share my story as well. I've grown up owning Mustangs. My first car I owned right after graduating high school was a blue '67 coupe 3 speed with the C stripe. It needed tons of work but I loved it and had dreams of fixing it up real nice.. Sadly I worked at burger king and at 4.25 an hour, I was never going to be able to afford to fix it up. I eventually sold it about 5 years later and purchased a '98 V6. it was black on black and even tho it was a V6 I kept it real clean and was of course very proud of it. I finally had a decent job, and in 2003 had my V6 paid off, so I bought an '03 covertable Saleen. I used my V6 as my DD and pimped that Saleen everytime the weather was nice. I had the tonneau cover on it and literally NEVER put the top up.. Well in 06 my girlfreind got pregnant and I was about to become a dad.. So I sold my Saleen to start saving money for my new son. My V6 was pretty old and starting having issues so I sold it and bought a Corolla.. It was going to be my gas freindly "family car" lol.. anyway I spent the next 5 years staring at every mustang that stopped at a red light next to me. I would literally go into la la land staring at the various mustangs I would see on the street. Usually needing a nudge from the wife to wake me up to go for the green light.. She would constantly tell me I should just go get another mustang. and I would just say no, im not ready right now (financially) we had bought a house and all those things that come along with growing up and having a family..
well, the day came that I paid off the Corolla and we were doing pretty well with money and I decided I would jump on the ford site and build my dream car a 2012 GT500 Convertable.. After playing online with it for a day I realized I couldnt quite afford it.... So I went back to the ford site just to play around with the GT option and noticed something that was different. There was a Boss 302 option.. I thought to myself.. what is this!?!?!? Did they bring back the old style Boss'es.. After a quick google search, I realized what ford had done. I loved the CO color, and luckily there was one sitting at the dealership 5 minutes from my work. I headed over there at lunch and had the sales guy rev it up. I immediatley gave him my CC to put down a deposit. Got back to work and filled out the paperwork online and picked it up at 4pm that day..
This whole process took me a day and in my excitement I never mentioned what I was doing to my wife..

so on my drive home that evening, I kept telling myself, "she always tell me to just go a mustang" LOL
I walked into the house and said hey come outside and check this out!!

Lucky for me I have a great wife and she was very cool about it.. sadly a week later a truck hit her prius and she demanded a new lexus CTH.. all I could say was OK Honey, anything you want...
Mine is a short story. My son and I have always done things together, he moved away up north to work a year ago so I hadn't seen him for a while. He called and said he was coming home for my birthday and to bring me a present. I have always had cars until the last few years and we talked cars a lot.
Anyway, he shows up with a RR 2012 Boss, throws me the keys and says " happy birthday dad, I hope you like it " . Life is good.


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Well I grew up with family and friends that all owned fox body mustangs and it was so great going out and cruising and racing on the weekends. I always wanted one just couldnt afford one. I briefly got into RX7's got tired of dumping money into them just to make the beat a stock mustang lol. The second one blew up and at that time my cousin knew a guy selling a 96 cobra. it was mostly stock. I spent 40 grand on the car over a coarse of 5 years. it was a great car. it blew up the second time due to a bad tune both times. the second time I couldnt afford to rebuild it so I sold it and partially parted it out. I did have a 87 T-top GT for a short time while I had the cobra just didnt do it for me like the cobra did so I sold it. Ended up driving my dads beat up beater 88 lebaron around for a year and the 3v's were out for a couple of years. Really loved the body style and how much power you could get out of the 3V's so I bought a 06 GT used. modded it pretty well too. long story short I blew the engine up in it and saved up and dropped in a used long block.

Now getting to getting the boss. So shortly after I get the 06 running it started to have transmission issues. So I on a whim applied for a loan hoping to get enough to get a brand new 2012 GT. Well they approved me for much more so I ended up getting the Boss. Told the wife I was going to get a GT when I left came home with a boss she wasnt to happy. Still glad I bought it. It is by far the best mustang I have drove by far. The cobra made much more power then the Boss but I dont miss that power.

Said I was going to leave my boss least that is what I had planned on. well from my sig you can see that didnt work out so well. I plan to stick to my rule of the cam covers dont come off....hopefully I keep it. I learned my lesson on the 06 and the cobra there is a point where you mod it so much its no longer fun to drive on the street more of a chore.
When I was a kid in the mid-70's my uncle Jeff had a '66 Mustang coupe with a 200 I-6 and automatic. It was a very plain and boring car. My other uncle, his brother Jimmy, had a 65 Chevelle SS 396 4 spd, a very exciting car! However, Jeff used to let me help him tinker with his car, and in the process I learned a lot about cars. I also fell in love with Mustangs.

Across the street from the house where my uncles lived with my grandparents lived Donny Nichols. Donny had a SBY '70 Boss 302. I remember hearing that car come down the street and my ears perking up. I looked up and saw this car cruise by, slow up match revs and pull into the driveway across the street. It had a unique sound that made even my uncle Jimmy's SS sound lame.At 8 I didn't know what a Boss 302 was, other than a '70 Mustang, but I knew it was a special Mustang and I vowed to learn more. Over the years I did learn more. We had moved away from Baltimore, and my mom divorced so I had lost touch with Jeff over the years(his brother was my step father), but I never forgot that Boss.

Like most of us, I never had enough money to buy an original Boss, although I still want one. When Ford announced the new one I devoured every piece of info I could find on the car. I had my computer screen and Facebook filled with pics of them. I posted, hunted, lived, dreamed and exhausted those around me with Boss 302 info and my desire to get one. I held out initially due to price gouging by dealers, and lack of funds. I knew the color and options I wanted so I searched almost daily to find the one I wanted. Tracked the price trend. Then I found mine, on the internet, and $2,000 under sticker.

When I went to "look" at it I knew deep down I was going to buy. It was a stretch for me financially, but I knew I could do it and I didn't want to feel the regret that sometimes comes with not taking a chance on a dream. I love my car. It's everything I could have thought it would be.

I have to mention that Donny Nichols repainted his '70 Boss in true mid '70's style. White with peach colored Boss striping. Even at 8, I knew that was WRONG! I felt bad for that car, and I don't know what ever happened to it. I wouldn't mind finding it one day as it is the one that hooked me. The Mustang I want more than that is the little '66 coupe of uncle Jeff. That is almost a priceless car for me as it truly was the start of a great love affair with cars, and the Mustang in particular. I search the net in Baltimore from time to time hoping to find it, but so far no luck.
My story starts when I was about 10 (I'm 38 now). I won a book at a school fair for competing in a reading contest. I was given a choice of several books I could choose from and there was a book about racing like any red blooded 10 year old I picked the book about racing champions. It had stories about LeMans winners and NASCAR winners, detailing stuff about guys like Dan Gurney, Richard Petty and then I read about Parnelli Jones in this awesome yellow Mustang called a Boss 302. I fell in love instantly with the car. I liked it because to me, it was an actual car that was sold and driven on the street (albeit highly race prepped). So I spent my next few years looking for Boss 302's at every car show my dad would take me too. As an adult I have owned several Mustangs and always loved yellow ones. My previous mustang was a yellow 2004 Cobra convertible. I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new boss 302 in 2012 and when I heard there was going to be a yellow one I couldn't wait to see it. Well the yellow blaze 2012 was nice but it wasn't what I had hoped wasn't Parnelli's car to me. So I passed on it and happily went on my way. Fast forward one year later and I'm at the Ford Nationals at Carlisle PA last June and I see a brand new 2013 in school bus yellow and fell in love instantly. This was what I had been waiting for. So I tell the wife and she says "but your cobra is paid off, there's nothing wrong with it...blah blah blah. So I figure its going to be a fight and its not worth pissing the misses off so I let it go. 5 days later I'm driving past a small Ford dealer in my area and what do I see on their elevated display outside the showroom? You guessed it, a 2013 in SBY. It was definitely a sign from the car gods.I come home, tell the wife that this was divine providence and the next morning convince her to go see it with me...and well the rest is history. Funny thing is that was the only Boss that dealer was allotted for the whole year.
My search for a Boss started when I found out they were going to make the Boss again,I was in the process of buying a 2011 GT,tried out 2 or 3 different ones.Then Ford made the official announcment that the Boss is back!I went to 3 different Ford dealerships,ordered 1,the dealership informed me there were 3 people on the list ahead of me and they were alloted only 1.This samething happened at every ford dealership I went to.The first 2 never got any Bosses.The third 1 got a black and red Laguna Seca,which was already spoken for.At this point it's looking pretty bleak for me to be able to get 1.One day I'm looking on Ebay and I come accross 4 or 5 all over the country,but 1 is in the state I live in.I call them,the car isn't even built yet,they are promised 1,they sell a lot of Shelbys and hi performance mustangs,so I'm thinking maybe they'll get it maybe they won't.I let 2 weeks pass call them again,they have a delivery date,build number,and who ever buys it can have it painted the color you want.Now my intrest is peaking.They want over 50 grand though!I make an offer,they refuse.Wait 2 more weeks call them again,make an offer they refuse.I'm starting to have fits about this car.2 more weeks go by call them again,no one is intrested luckily for me.I make them another offer,now he is starting to drop the price some,still not where I want him at.I'm thinking this is going no where.2 more weeks he calls me,now were getting somewhere,came down2 grand on the price,I tell him I've been test driving some GT's in my area,We haggle back and forth for a while he comes down another 2 grand.Now I'm getting some where's with him.After a month and a half I finally get the price I'm willing to pay.We agree on a price,I drive 3 hours to the dealership and put down 10 grand cash,now he knows I'm serious.The bad news is the delivery date is the first part of July and it's early May.Now it's the waiting game.I work heavy Highway construction all over NY state,I'm out of town all week,home on the weekends only.BY now I'm going crazy waiting for him to call with updates on the progress of the build.I have the build numbers and on the week ends I check on the computer for it's progress.First week of June I see it is ready to be shipped,it's setting in a rail yard somewhere between the Flat Rock plant and NY.Browising on the internet I see where a train has derailed with 5 Bosses on it ,all totaled.My heart sinksI'm thinking mine was on that train.It's around June 15th,The dealership calls my car is in a NY rail yard waiting to be unloaded.The dealership is in the northern part of the state the car is down near NY city,thank god my car wasn't on that train!On the 17th the dealership calls and tells me the car is setting at there dealership,I head up there and pick it up the next day,18th on fathers day.I am 1 happy customer,I can't stop smiling.It was a hard fought battle to get the Boss but persistence payed off in the end.I ended up with no.647,in Competition Orange.Greatest car I have ever had the pleasure to drive.
Wow, these stories are long. LOL

Back in 1970 I was 11 years old and a real car kid. My Dad was a Ford man and so I was born with blue blood. At that age I could name any car out there and saw Parnelli's BOSS in a magazine or two and thought it was really cool. We had a cottage in the Quebec Laurentien Mountains and while driving to the cottage I saw what I remember to be PJ's BOSS on a trailer or transporter heading towards Mont Tremblant where the Trans Am Series ran a race. That was another glimpse of an awesome car. Then I saw a new 1970 yellow BOSS parked down the street from where we lived in Montreal. That summer I painted my CCM Marauder bicycle the same as PJ's car with a #15 and all.

Over the years I had a 65, 68, 72, 74 (i know, they don't count), 87 and 02 Mustangs.

Fast forward to Nov 2011 and I see a picture of a SBY 13 BOSS and change the wallpaper on my laptop to that picture. My Wife of 32 years asks what that's about and I tell her my PJ story. She never new about it. As the weeks went by I collected more and more info and photos and looked at them every evening. My Wife said it would be cool to have a car like that with a cool license plate to match. We went on the Ontario web site where you could check for available plates and saw that 2013BOSS was available and she said order it. I said I don't want that plate on my SHO or F150 and she said "well I miss not having a Mustang and there is room in the garage".

OK so now I can't sleep and all I knew was that it is hard to find one and not all dealers can get one. I buy all my cars from one dealer who is also a friend and in 2012 he had no allocations. I sent him a text and he answers back saying that I wouldn't believe it but he was just awarded one that day through the Lotto draw and they had 2 days to order it. I asked if I could have it and he said what colour do I order and what options do I want? I texted back "School Bus Yellow and both options". I then went back on line and ordered my custom plate. (I LOVE MY WIFE)

Now the waiting began and that was brutal. The build date came out and then I followed the build over the 2 or 3 days it took. Next it was in the Black Hole in Flatrock and sat for over 90 days with the stripe issue and the Canadian non-compliant DDL issues. Finally the car arrived on May 17th 2012 after being built on March 5th.

The car was beautiful...or was it? This was not the best built car that ever came from Ford. It had many faults and the shifting issues as well as so much wheel hop that any aggressive driving meant you had to back out of the throttle. My friend called in the local Ford Rep to look at the car and told him how disappointed I was about the most special car I ever bought. Instead of getting the issues fixed like I was hoping for they asked if I could order another one.

I now have my 2nd 2013 BOSS and it turned out perfect. Best part is the car was delivered to me with Parnelli Jones' autograph on the dash, a spare dash panel with no signature and the box and shipping labels to/from PJ. That was a surprise for my troubles from my Dealer and Ford. This is MY story.
my story is lame. i was just tired of paying maintenance on stupid euro cars. $500 oil changes for an E60M5 why? my AMG wasn't much better with $1-2k "service A or B" every 10k miles. It was just getting crazy. I'm not your typical euro car driver either so most dealerships usually wouldn't give me the time of day, typically i'm wearing shorts and t-shirts maybe a polo if I feel like dressing up for work. (spend most of my time in a lab)

thought about my car history and was never happier than with my 01 Lightning, 03 Cobra, 04 Ram SRT-10 and 06 Jeep SRT-8 so it was only logical to get back into an American car. At the time the boss was the only choice. well the 13 GT500 was an option but after some reading about the boss i knew that was the one for me. Ordered Dec 2012 delivered May 2013.


New Boss In Town
I was 26 at this time last year, and test drove a School Bus Yellow Boss 302. I had never been behind the wheel of anything like this in my life. After the drive, one of the salesman asked me, "What'd you think, kid?" and of course I guffawed and went on and on about it. I took delivery of a race Red GT/CS a few days later, but on my tours through the car lots, I snapped a picture of another SBY at their sister store and kept it close. The experience stuck with me, the way it handled sounded, etc. It followed me into my dreams.

I went on a 7 month deployment and looked at the picture of the car daily, telling my friends it was truly the car I wanted, and they would look at me and shake their heads and ask me 'What's wrong with the car YOU JUST BOUGHT now?" At any rate, I surfed online in the months leading up to me coming home and watched in growing despair as the SBY's sold and moved from Florida until there was only ONE left.

The one I took the picture of. Sitting neglected, un-purchased, 7 months later in the back lot at the dealership with an asking price of 40,300. Invoice.

The rest as they say is history. Traded in the red coat for a yellow jacket. I couldn't be happier. My Uncle Dan had a 1970 SBY and always told me he wish'd he'd kept that car.

I'll go broke before giving up this one.


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My story. Had not bought a car for myself in a loooooong time, had company cars. Retired in 2010, bought a Mazda 3 touring. Very nice car. June 2012 left the Mazda dealer after getting an oil change. Nowhere to go, went across the freeway to a ford dealer, asked about a boss, had none but asked if I wanted to order one. Said no, I need to see one, touch it, sit in it. She said they had delivered a SBY a little while back n he was bringing it in for TK n window tint. Maybe I could come look at it while there. Didn't work out but she gave me his phone #. I called, said he would b at a local car show next Sunday, come on out n check it out. I did, loved the car, went about my business. Two weeks later out running around went to my local ford dealer, asked if by chance they had any bosses, salesman said yes they had one delivered the nite before. I asked if by chance it was SBY , he said yes it was. Hmmm, could I see it n maybe test drive it ? He said I'll bring it around. It was filthy dirty, had tape n stickers all over it. Took a test drive n drove it home 4 hours later. While doing all the paperwork, a guy came in n stayed the whole time to see if my credit would fail so he could buy it. Believe in fate ? I do !
I bought my first "Mustang" in 2009, a 2006 V6 (lightly used, 15,000 miles on it perfect body, nothing wrong with it)... I got it for a steal, and quickly put $15,000 worth of mods on it, Cervini's C-500 Body kit, CAI, 4:10 Race Gears, T-Loc, 93 Race Dyno Tune, Full Body Wrap (original color was Satin Silver), but I designed a Full Flame Full Body vinyl Wrap. Then I put 8 HID lights on the front, and while doing all this I always wanted a V8... Sure my Tuned Low Geared V-6 could smoke just about any GT Mustang until they hit 3rd gear, cause I sacrificed high end speed for low end take-off torque, but I was just never quite satisfied... and not wanting to put more money into a car that I will never get out of it...

So when Ford announced the BOSS 302 coming back in 2011 I told everyone I was going to get one, no matter what... Well 2011 came and went and I thought I had missed my change due to just not being able to afford it, and I hated that since I always do everything I say I am going to do... Of course my friends gave me allot of grief about "dreaming"... But when Ford said 2013 was the last year for the BOSS, I said "Ok here is my chance to prove to myself and my friends I can do it"... I searched and searched, no Race Red's to be found, and the ones I did find where $5K over MSRP, NO WAY was I paying that... I have never paid over sticker in my life and certainly not going to start now... I finally ordered a Race Red with all the options I wanted from a local dealer who said they had some allocations... 14 weeks later, NOTHING, no VIN, no INFO, Nothing... So I searched the net again, desperate to find one... Finally I found a dealer 2.5 hours away, they were getting in a Race Red 2013 with all the options I wanted Full package, Recaro's, Cover, FloorMats, etc...(not that there is allot of options on a BOSS)... Money is always an issue with these "Special Cars" of course, and fate would have it that I inherited just enough money from a passing relative (that always knew I wanted a "Special Sports Car") that it allowed me to put down enough of a down-payment to make it affordable.

So I called them and they said they wanted $3K over MSRP... I told them No and hung up... I called the next day, same thing... Finally I called them back and they said, ok, MSRP but not a penny under... I said SOLD... 3 agonizing weeks later they called and said we just got it in, Come get it... (well it wasn't that easy)

First I had to get a friend to take off work to drive me 2.5 hours to the dealership, but this "Friend" owns 2 BOSSES (CO 2012 and GB 2013). So instead he said your not driving that thing off the lot in the rain... So we got his enclosed Trailer and pulled it up the mountains to get it... It was POURING RAIN out... they had the car in the building, and we put it in the trailer after looking it over very carefully for shipping damage. Signed the papers and drove 2.5 hours back home where I got to 'Drive it' for the first time.

I haven't driven a 'straight-drive' in almost 10 years, even though I grew up a farm and learned on one, most of my recent cars were automatic transmissions.. So I was actually afraid to drive it for fear of messing it up... But finally 4 days after looking at it in garage just sitting there, I said "well, its either going to be really bad, or really fun..."...

It was REALLY FUN! only a few "Kills-stales", but then it was pure heaven... I have had several sports cars, Camaro SS, V6 Mustangs, and driven even more of my friends... but this car is AMAZING...

I delve into the Legend, got every book I could find, went what my girlfriend calls "BOSS CRAZY"... I have posters, Videos, Books, Documentaries, Photos, etc of all makes of the BOSS cars... But nothing compares to owning one...

Best purchase of my life thus far (besides my newly purchased house)... I couldn't have done it without my late grandfathers "Gift", and I know he is riding along with me everytime I take it out...

Only thing better would be to have a 70' BOSS or Mach-1 or Shelby GT500 sitting beside it (instead of my Custom V6), but that will change in time.....
VTBoss302 said:
Didn't even know the Boss was back...

Was shopping for a new truck..

Ended up with a Mustang!


I'll try to throw out a slightly different perspective into the mix.

It seems to me that people these days are a little too focused on getting things for the lowest possible price, which is perfectly understandable. However, I think that most fail to realize that how and where they spend their money is one of, if not the most significant and important things they do. The consequences are truly staggering. Rather than straying off topic too much and preaching my views on society, economics and what not, I will simply bore those foolish enough to continue reading with a little of my Boss experience so far.

I stopped by my local Ford dealer last year to take a look at the trucks on their lot. Not long after, I was met by a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful salesperson. Before leaving, I accompanied the salesperson into the showroom to pickup some brochures and literature that were offered.

Big Mistake?!?!

There it was. A 2012 Boss 302 in Kona Blue. Oh, dear. OK, relax, it's probably just another sticker and wheel package. Doesn't matter anyway because I'm here to look at work trucks. I've been a motor vehicle enthusiast my entire life and was usually well informed about the latest and greatest out there, but over the last few years my interests had started to turn elsewhere. Cars had become too sophisticated. Overburdened with electronic nannies, bells and whistles. Can you even buy a car with a manual transmission anymore? Even the Super Duty I was looking at could not be ordered with a manual transmission. Ah, the good old days...
At the risk of being permanently banned, I will attempt to continue...


Well, can't hurt to take a closer look 'cause my sports car days are over. The first thing I notice are the Brembo front brakes. OK, nice but nothing special. I've had those before and I knew there was room for improvement. A peek inside and, of course, I'm immediately drawn to the Recaro seats. I've had Recaros before, so no need to get too excited, but my interest is starting to grow.

"Do you mind if I take a seat?"

"Go right ahead," he replies.

The interior is simple, functional and understated, yet full of nice little touches: the embroidered Boss 302 on the seats, the 'eight ball' shift knob and so on. There's a decent amount of headroom in here. I think I've got enough room for a helmet...OK, snap out of it.

I get out of the car, but I can't bring myself to walk away without first checking out the window sticker. I start reading through the standard equipment: unique this and that...manual this and that...where's the good stuff? 3.73:1 rear axle ratio...decent, but I can't say for sure without knowing more. The only description of the engine and tranny are 5.0L 4V TI-VCT V8 HO and 6-speed manual trans MT82. Base price: $40,310.00...sounds a little pricey for a Mustang. Optional equipment: Boss Mats...saw those...Recaro seats...nice...Boss car cover...that's kind of cool...Limited slip torsen helical diff...hold on a minute. That can't be right. In a Mustang? I read it again.

Part V

Total MSRP: $43,575.00 including $795.00 destination and delivery. I'm starting to come back to my senses. $795 for delivery? I thought this thing was made in Michigan. Well, I did pay $645.00 for delivery once, but that was on a truly exquisite vehicle imported from Austria. Then I notice a smaller sticker. MSRP: $43,575.00 ADM: $5,000.00 Total: $48,575.00

Phew, crisis averted. I've never paid more than sticker on anything in my life. ADM's are for greedy dealers and chumps with too much money. I've been fortunate enough to own and operate a wonderful variety of fantastic motor vehicles, many of which were only offered in very limited quantities. MSRP? Fine, no problem. ADM? Forget about it. I'll take my business elsewhere.


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