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Thinking about 'murdering' my Boss

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Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
So because the Boss is an exclusive car and I really don't want to touch anything that I can't remove in a matter of hours (i.e. an afternoon), I think adding a touch of visual flair wouldn't hurt. I went to a car show about a month before I left for deployment and I felt like while the Boss looks good, something extra wouldn't hurt.

Basically, since the car has black stripes, I figured blacking out/smoking the lights and going with the SHR black fuel door wouldn't look bad. In particular, I'm leaning towards swapping the headlights and taillights out with these Raxioms and . What do you guys think? Nothing too crazy in my opinion but something to set my Boss aside from the others.
Personally i think it depends on the body color, a pal of mine has a silver mustang and the black tint on the rear lights looks good although im always complaining when im behind him as i cant see his turn signal very well in sunlight

Another pal has a blue mustang and his headlamps have been tinted blue, that looks real nice



Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
Well with the CO/B, I think the black/smoked look will only accentuate the black striping. So I'm leaning towards all of it.
I'm not into that look but to each his own. If you want to improve on the looks the first thing I'd do is lower the car. By the time you get back the FR Boss lowering springs should be available. I used the FR P springs and it makes a noticeable difference.

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