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Time for some weight loss

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Put my GT on the scales yesterday--3790 with me (210) and half a tank. I was wondering where I could loose 200lbs in track trim without impacting (much) DD-ness and NVH. I think I get better than 1/2 way there with:

18" SVE Drifts/Hoosiers (v stock 19" BB wheels and Pierellis)
Oddessy battery (summer only)
Kick out the air pump in the trunk

What else?

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
You can save another 4+ lb per corner going to Forgestar F14s or Vorshlag D-force.

Front/rear bumper bar should save a few.
Remove whole trunk mat
aluminum panhard bar
carbon fenders and trunk lid
Misc insulation - hood, fenders, fender wells, trunk sides - NVH concern?
Hole saw? ;)
There is a lot you can do.

As was previously noted, go with even lighter wheels
Upgrade the suspension to use shorter performance dampers with aluminum bodies in the rear and smaller diameter springs
Use a lightweight intake, headers, lightweight cats and thinwall lightweight exhaust (we've done this many times)
Swap out the seats for higher end racing seats (more comfortable than inexpensive racing seats, even comfortable enough for DD)
Ditch all the trunk junk
Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Not looking to turn this into a racecar, so holesaws are out (been there!). Just looking for easily reversible/doable things good for big chunks of weight. Sounds like I got the big ones (plus seats), and then its an issue of $s/oz!
Ha! When I raced Spec Miata a couple years back, they dropped the weight of my 99 by 60 lbs. Well, the car was already developed, so guess where it came from. Turned 40 that winter so it was a good idea anyway.

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