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Tools needed for injector swap on a Boss?

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Dacia Sandero
So I need to swap in 47lb injectors (to run E85 for track events), haven't ever swapped injectors on anything other than an LSx but I can't imagine 5.0s are a ton different. I looked for a DIY and didn't find one, but I get the basic idea, I'm more worried about what tools I need because I have basic hand tools only pretty much.

It looks like two 10mm nuts on each side hold on the little foam cover things and then it looks like you need a deep 10mm or 8mm to release the fuel rails?

What tools should I have? I have a fuel line removal tool and deep (and standard) metric sockets, anything else I should need?

********Nevermind S197forums posted a PDF for me*******
the tools you have should get you there.
remember to use a lil vaseline or similar lube on those new orings so they do not get pinched on install and make sure the old o rings came out with the old injectors. sometimes they stick.


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