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Guys I brought my BOSS (CO/Recaros) to a local track day (HPDE) this weekend, and the car just screams! It was my first track event ever so nothing to really compare it too but I drove it as hard as I could and had no issues. I drove it between 5-7.5k RPM around the entire track (2.1 miles) and rode the breaks HARD into the corners...not a single issue. Although I did do some serious "damage" on the tires, they are a bit rounded off It really drove perfectly and was easy for a 1st timer to handle....and did I mention it just SCREAMED down the straight aways?? :)

Best thing was while everybody else was loading up their track cars onto trailers, i loaded up my trunk and drove it 3.5 hrs home. :) Oh, and I did buy "Trackwrap" for the front end so not a single scratch, bug, or chip! still looks new...except for those tires and I think, based on the amount of break dust and smell of burning break pads, I may need a new set of pads pretty

overall, AWESOME car, AWESOME time, I plan on doing another HPDE event in Charlotte on July 2-3rd.
Sorry I spelled it wrong... it's tracwrap it is really pretty expensive though $99 for 1 8"x40' piece which was EXACTLY enough to do the front end, 2 strips across the front of the hood, side mirrors, the pillars, and one strip across the roof right above the windshield. I did not put any on the black stickers on the says you can but I don't trust that!

There are other cheaper versions of the same stuff but this stuff is 7mil, vs. 2mil, so much thicker. They said that 2 mil won't protect against rock chips, but 7 mil will??? i'm not sure but I do know the front end looks new still. It peeled right off and didn't leave any sticky residue. I did see some people using Blue Painters tape, but its not that thick either.

It was a Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw SC (about 1 hr south of Charlotte).
Cool. What if anything did you do to prep your Boss for the track?
okay so this is probably not too good....but I did NOTHING. I figured being my 1st time I was not going to be driving it anywhere near the boundries of the car so I left it 100% the way I got it from the dealer.

next time I plan on changing to high perf brake fluid and maybe take off the brake dust shields (if i can figure that out, shouldn't be too complicated I wouldn't think), but that's probably about it. I want to keep it stock so I don't want to put in the brake ducts.

Any other suggestions of what I should do to better prepare it??
I left everything on seeing it was my first time tracking a car, I didn't want to push it......yet :) I'm going to go to another HPDE weekend on July 2-3 in Charlotte so maybe I'll put it in sport mode then.

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