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Track Key for the 2014 GT's

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I must say I am very disappointed that Ford Racing decided to make the Track Key available to all 2014 Mustang GT owners. The Track Key was marketed as an exclusive item to the Boss Mustangs. With this being released to the masses it will only diminish one of the features that set us apart from the rest of the Mustang least our cars are still a limited and serialized 2 year run. Hopefully Ford will at least keep that promise!
Ford is trying to recoup development costs so I won't hold it against them. At least we were first and it's still not a BOSS 302. So many BOSS owners were disappointed with TK that I'm surprised any of you would care. ::)
I will probably be the only one that thinks this is perfectly fine. If I could do it over again I would seriously consider just getting a GT and building a Boss with the savings. Then again I am very happy with the purchase and glad to be part of a limited run. It's just a tune, from Ford, I would rather get a true tune specifically for my car.


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The warranty verbiage is screwed up. It mentions the Boss 302 part#.
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I imagine most GT owners would just go straight for an aftermarket tune rather than getting TK, especially if they will be doing modifications.

And a GT with TK is still just a GT at the end of the day. You BOSS guys will remain special :)
I think it's fine, it's a cool feature to have. But I would certainly go for a '14 GT instead of a boss if this option was out there a year ago.

There's going to be bunch of pissed '13 and early production '14 owners out there lol... maybe a few boss owners as well :p
Track Key on a GT is like a track pack and side pipes on a GT--poseing! ::)

If you don't have the center electronic center on your car, what could you possibly use this for?
Why make such a gigantic fuss about exclusivity. All of the Boss parts are sold so someone can make a Boss equivalent or better. You guys are just whining now. At the end of the day the Boss is special because of it's heritage and the fact that they brought it back, not necessarily the parts or options available on it. The one thing Ford will never be able to sell is a VIN that says someone has a Boss that doesn't, so really, stop pouting.
No big deal here. Interesting, though, it seems that the only site that even mentions TK for the '14 GT is the Ford Racing Parts Direct website. The official FRPP website doesn't even mention it.


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Curious about a few things.

Is the tune the same as the boss even though the GT motor is a bit different, compression, heads etc.

Will the GT only have one tune, the TK tune. Single computer. Single key.

Don't remember seeing anywhere that the TK was exclusive. Just sayin.


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Doesn't seem like a big deal, this is basically the same idea as putting a Boss intake manifold on a GT. As it is with the Boss, it really won't do a whole lot from a power perspective...basically just sharpens up throttle response and a few other minor things. Seems like a real tune would be the more attractive option.
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