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Track Logic Motorsports in Rocklin CA

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Track Logic Motorsports, a new track focused business, opened a few weeks ago and had their grand opening today. They're in the Sacramento area so my son and I stopped by to check it out. They had a great turnout and as you can see from the photos our friends from Hooked On Driving we're there to help kick off the new business. They have a nice selection of track gear and performance accessories and also sell tracked prepped and race cars for customers. They just sold the Ferrari 458 Challenge car for a customer. They plan to add new items to their selection along with items to enhance your track day and driving experience. The Sacramento area has been a bit light on places for track gear so I'm excited to see a business of this nature open close to me.

Chris, one of the owners, has 18 years of racing experience and is looking to get into a SCCA Mustang Spec Racer for next season. TLM is also working closely with Cortex Racing so they should be an excellent source of information for members of BMO. Chris also told me he ordered a 2014 Camaro Z/28 for their showroom so we just might actually see one of these unicorns on a track yet. ;) Check out their website and stop in and say hello if you're in the area.

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Hi Chris - Welcome to the site ! Very nice looking establishment you have there sir. At some point you and I should discuss what I should be doing to get my 302LS to the next level suspension wise.

Track Logic Motorsports just opened their service shop and will be hosting the EuroSunday group this Sunday at 8:00. I'll be there at 8:00. They let all cars regardless where they are manufactured come out and play. There is usually a guy with an Aventador there. He's on his second one with the third on order. ::) I need to bum a ride from that guy. ;D



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I fully expect you to give the Aventador a run for its money. So you are short 4 cylinders big deal. Goliath was like 9ft tall, you didn't hear about David backing down. You got this.

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