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Trade value for 13 Boss 302

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I have an opportunity to buy a loaded 14 GT500 for invoice. The dealer is offering my $36,500 as trade value for my 13 Boss with 11,000 miles. Is that a good value for the car or should I expect more? I see these for sale used all over the place.
Last November they gave me $38,000 trade-in for my 2012 Boss with Recaros & Torsen that had 3000 miles. You may want to try and squeeze a little more from them. :)


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I think it depends on the market. Seems like there are only about 1 or 2 Boss' for sale within 500 miles of the Bay Area right now (as far as internet searches go). If you're saying you see them all the time, that might explain the lower offer.


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If they're offering $36.5k they will try to resell for $40k minimum. With your listed mods I'd hold out for more. If you have time sell it privately, you'll definitely get more.
likeaboss302 said:
The one thing I am saving is about $2k in sales tax. Making it more like a $38,500 private sale.

Right, I saved over 2k in sales tax too with my 38k trade-in. My new 2013 GT with options had an MSRP of $41,600. However, I bought my 2013 at X-plan, with rebates and private cash, so at delivery I ended up getting my new car and a check for about $1300. I would've had to sell my Boss privately for well over 40k to do as well.
$36,500 for a 13 Boss with 11K miles sounds like a good deal to me. I recently traded a 12 GT500 with 1400 miles up to a new 14 GT500. They gave me $41,500 for the 12 (which I paid 52K for) and then discounted the 14 by $2300 from a $60,685 sticker. So, depreciation was about 10,500 but I did get a two year newer car and 20 years from now think I'll be way better off with a 662HP 14 as opposed to a 550HP 12.

I thought about trying to sell the 12 outright but with the sales tax thing @6.5% I would of had to get more than $44,197.50 out of the 12 to make a difference. It wasn't worth the hassle trying to persue a private sale so I just traded. During the time the 14 was on order I was second guessing my wisdom of eating 10.5 in depreciation but as soon as I put my right foot down in the 14 all that went away. If you do the deal you just ain't gonna believe the power. I've been a Boss owner since 1971 but I am not a track guy and have no regrets going with the Shelby when I decided to buy a modern era Mustang.
That's a good deal for having 11,000 miles. But like everyone else is saying, try to squeeze some more out of them. Do you still owe on the Boss? What does the GT500 come with? Is it the base model or does it have the SVT or track package's? That would totally influence my decision.
I couldn't get them to move on the $36,500 offer on the Boss. The GT500's sticker was $68,390 and it was a straight invoice deal with 1.79% financing.

Congrats, looks like you pulled the trigger. I came within a whisker of going Grabber Blue / black stripe too but finally settled on White / black stripe. Looking forward to your review of the beast.


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