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S197 Tri-Bar's Ride Build Thread Profile - S197 Mustangs

Indeed, thanks for sharing the pictures.

I'm contemplating removing the sound deadening (adhered to the chassis) throughout my car since I'll have the interior out soon. Any idea on how much it weighed when you removed yours?
The only thing I kept was the ABS wiring including the speed sensors, For all the relays I used a painless racecar harness, The only thing that does not work is the turn signals.
Not using the stock cluster, it's not even in the car. The tach works off the ECU and the speed will work off the GPS sensor to the dash when I install it. Right now, I have no speedo.

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I would have to say Tri-Bar that this is a tri-umphant and impressive build. Great color choice and I think you may have made even more upgrades than I have. Slap on a set of used Michelin race tires or Hoosiers and you will take a couple of seconds off your times.

Car sounds great at Buttonwillow , it has been a long time since I have run there.
After the last Button Willow day. I was going over the car a couple of days ago. I found that the drivers side motor mount broken! It's a Prothane Polly bullet motor mount. I haven't pulled it out yet to really find out what went wrong. When I do I will post what I find.
I have the FR500 mounts I will drop in for now.

Just Ordered the Boss302R/S ABS module #M-2353-CA. I might have my current one up for sale soon, it's the #M-2353-C. I will let you all know after I get to track the new one.
UPDATE: On the motor mount. It seems the bottom of the mount fell off. Either the bolt broke or fell out. It's missing so I cant put it back together.
The #M-2353-C is the older Boss 302R and Early Boss 302S race cars. It was programed for 275 tires and 14" brake set up using the XA2E7 caliper. the Newer #M-2353-CA module is programed for wider tire and brake choices. As far as the stock abs module between the Boss and the GT, not much of a difference.

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