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Trivia Question

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What does the '505' in my username come from and mean?

Winner get's a free cobra jet.....j/k.
An easy guess is an area code but I think it has something to do with video gaming or computer programming code.
A complete guess, but something to do with the order code for either the new or old Boss. The new ones are 500 and 501, maybe that is the code for the 302R?


No correct answers so far. But a hint is it pertains to driving....


PeteInCT said:
There are 504 other Darren's before you ?

Sorry Pete. There's only 1 Darren. But the answer is that '505' is(was) the police call code for wreckless driving....

Which I've never been ticketed for btw...just sayin. Actually, for track purposes, wreck-less is a great thing...

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