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Trunk lid pins?

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Is anyone using or can recommend racing 'hood pins' for the trunk lid (off-road carbon fiber trunk lid)?



I found some generic locking latches that might work.

Not sure if race tech will approve them. If anyone knows about this kind of thing, tips appreciated.
I'd use something like this. From my archives.



I agree that almost every 302S and 302R that I have studied uses that rubber strap style, but I really like how the Tiger Racing guys did their car. This is an especially good method, since I feel like a CF or fiberglass trunk lid will need the added support to keep from cracking. This solution elegantly deals with two issues. As for the pins, they appear to be standard off-the-shelf hood pins.

The G-Stream wing has a mount that looks particularly suited for this. Unfortunately for me, I also have a CF trunk lid, but chose the 302R (Steeda) wing, so I'm not sure what I am going to do. I will use supports for sure, but I don't know about the pins. Likely to be awhile before I need to decide. Damn, baby formula is cocaine-expensive! :mad:

I just ordered 2 sets of these. They have a new improved version that was just released at the PRI show that have a retaining ring for added strength.


Thanks for all the tips guys. Still pondering this. I guess I could create a steel frame underneath to mount hood pins.

I'm curious how the flush latches will mount underneath.

The rubber straps I guess are good for reducing NVH. Last thing I want is a rattling latch on the back so I guess my metal latch idea isn't the best either.

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