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Warped Axles

I'd been hearing an annoying high pitched squeal from the rear. I figured maybe I damaged a wheel bearing when I hammered out my studs and replaced with the ARP studs.

So I took the car in for an oil change and diff oil change (guy thought I was nuts doing the diff oil at 5000 miles) and asked them to look into the squeal. Calls back a couple hours later and tells me both my axles are warped!

Besides one off track spin and a bit of wheel hop on cold days I can't imagine what I may have done to warp both axles.

Anyone else have this happen?

Ford is replacing axles and hubs under warranty (which includes the diff service :) ). I only have to pay to have him them move my studs into the new hubs.


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Off track adventures can do all sorts of damage. I did a drifting event in my old g35 coupe and dropped one wheel off just before the gator and it destroyed the suspension. Strut, a-arm and outer tie rod were all fubar.

Excessive wheel hop could also have caused this. It's very violent to drivetrain parts.

That said, I have never heard of this on these cars.


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Also never heard of that. I did have my ring and pinion replaced around 5k miles due to whine; it's more likely that is the culprit. But if they are replacing it all, whatever.
This wasn't a whine. This was a metal on metal squeal.
Like a raw caliper on a rotor sound that got worse over the last week independent of braking.
If it continues I will point out the ring and pinion as a possibility so thanks for that.

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