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Watch Boss being built?

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My Boss is scheduled for production soon and I have read in a few places where people were offered the opportunity to watch their Boss being built. This is an experience that I would hate to miss if there was even a slight possablity. I have tried through my dealer and their Ford rep has not gotten anywhere, I read in a few place people were speaking with someone in Ford Customer care. Anyone have an idea how I could go about arranging this if possible?
I tried also, but no luck. The zone rep was too slow getting a commitment to see it at Alliance and by the time the build date was established there wasn't anytime for me to get up there.
You know, even though watching your car being built may be a challenge, I wish they offerred an option where you could pick it up at the plant or somewhere like the Henry Ford Museum. I know with the Corvette, you can pay to pick up your car at the museum next to the plant in Bowling Green, KY. I've been there a couple of times when someone was having their car delivered; pretty neat deal, like a $500 option where I guess they do the inspection instead of relying on the dealer.
Hell you can pick up a volvo or BMW at the euro plants and drive them though Europe for a discount. That would be sweet with a Boss. Even better if they were made on the west coast and you could cruise down 1 and 101. (fun in a rental GTH, more fun in my 06 GT with a screaming girlfriend next to me.)

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