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Water temp gauge port location.

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Anyone have a spot on the engine to mount autometer temp sensor on the engine. I want to leave the stock sensor untouched and I thought someone posted there is a block plug where the cold weather block heater goes in. Where does the gauge pod tell us to tap in?
I was at a friend's house today who was installing the LS guage pack on his 5.0. He pointed to the orange line of the block heater that he said was the location where he was installing the water temp sender.
Yep, block heater is the place to go.

3/4" NPT. You can get a 3/4" NPT to 1/2"NPT brass reducer at Home Depot and then your gauge should have the reducer from there to the sending unit. (At least Auto Meter has this.)
Anytime Steve. If memory serves, you will need a jumbo Allen wrench to remove the OEM plug which *I think* is 7/16". Anyway, I found a bolt in the shop with 7/16" head and tack welded a nut to the other end. Essentially made a tool to get this darn plug out without running all over town looking for a jumbo Allen. LOL If you don't have a welder, I bet you can jam two nuts on the bolt-tool and achieve the same effect.

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