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Well, now I have a material hold

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Latest from my dealer: order indicates materials hold. So am I to understand from this that the original information given the dealer for a May build is now a moving target and it could be delayed indefinitely? I hadn't planned to take delivery until late June/early July, so I'm not in a panic. But if the reality is it may not even be a 2nd quarter build and ultimately a "who knows" build, then I'm going to be pretty disappointed.
I think they all say material hold until they are scheduled. With that in mind I think there are going to be more delays from either engine shortages or parts from Japan. The Japan story still has a lot to play out. I also have a Q2 build and I'm hoping to have mine by the end of June.
That makes me feel somewhat better. I'm listing my '07 starting this weekend. When it sells, I'll be driving the F150 until the Boss appears. Not that that's a bad thing, but not driving a Mustang when the weather is nice is a downer...
When you get a VIN, then you're about a month out.

iirc, the order was something like Clean/unscheduled, Material Hold, Scheduled to week, VIN, Window Sticker, build, major stress waiting for railcar#, more stress tracking railcar, jubilation taking delivery.

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