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What Boss goodies did you get for Christmas?

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Wifey got me cool tech harnesses and a GoPro with almost every attachment and 2 extra batteries. I helped her pick it ou ;)

I got for myself a set of forgestar CF5 18" rims
Great idea and Merry Christmas! Mine aren't Boss specific but more car stuff.

I got:
A Top Gear Stig T-Shirt
Motive brake bleeder bottles, I picked this out ;)
Book - Shelby GT40 - This has some great info in it
Book - McQueen's Machines - 8) 8) 8)

My son got a 1969 Boss 302 slot car for our Carrera set


My girlfriend always wants to help me with the car, so I bought her a steel radiator cover for Christmas, for my boss, so she can put it on. It's a win-win-win.



Merry Christmas everyone!

My daughter made me a Boss placemat--so now I'm the fastest eater! She even hand-stitched all the quilting around the cars.

My wife made me a blanket to stay warm during cold South Dakota winters while surfing BMO.
Actually, its not done yet--since I'm not working anymore, she didn't have time to get it done with me in the house all the time. But now she'll have it finished up in no time.
The red border has tools, screws, sprockets, etc, and the black triangle corners are treadplate designs.

Both of them look great.


And a closeup


RoushF150 said:
Very cool. Where did she get the printed fabric?

We first saw the fabric at the Sturgis Mustang Rally at a quilt shop. But she ordered it online somewhere.
drano38 said:
We first saw the fabric at the Sturgis Mustang Rally at a quilt shop. But she ordered it online somewhere.

Great thanks. I found it on Amazon and ordered it up. Thanks for posting, I gave my Wife a $2,000.00 sewing machine for Christmas so I can get something out of it now. LOL
Thanks to the wifey, PF01 silver wheels and color matched LS spoiler. I hope to install the spoiler this weekend. The wheels are 18x9 which I'll use to autox on the local front and continue battling the local STX crowd in the SCCA Red River Region.
I got a Zaino detail kit, 1970 Ertyl Die cast, a mustang and Boss photo collage art piece from Hobby Lobby, 2 Boss t-shirts, a sweet Boss key chain and som gift cards to Mother's window tint. My girlfriend is awesome.

She also got me the Lego R2-D2 kit and a Peyton Manning Nike Elite jersey.

She's a keeper!


Mustang owner since 84
I received a Wall Decal of the Kona Blue Boss.
Also got a heavy duty lock for the hitch on my enclosed trailer.
Wife got me, Steeda Boss Springs, JLT catch can

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