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What is your opinion on whether the 2013 GT500 will be faster on the track than the Boss? Seems some of the pre-release articles indicate many of the suspension improvements are carried over to that car; wondering if it will be able to match the Boss in handling...
The 2013 GT500 will be faster. Question is will it be more fun on a track? ;)
Hard to imagine it will handle as well given the higher percentage of weight up front. It will definitely trump the power and will likely be much faster on a one lap test. Having come from a supercharged car, I bet they'll be fighting heat soak after a few laps but I guess we'll find out.

Its all speculation, but the fact is the 2012 GT500 was faster than the Boss on the track I thought I read somewhere? The current car has a host of handling improvements, aluminum block, etc..

I still think the 2013 will be faster than the Boss, even after many laps. If it dumps 4-5 degrees of timing from heat soak, it will still be making 450 rwhp probably, and has better brakes so it should still retain plenty of speed. Its all theory until it hits the road though! ;)

All I know is that I love this car. Took it out today and pushed its limits a little harder as I am getting more used to it. The speed you can come off a corner under WOT is simply stunning.
If the suspension is tuned right, you can get rid of a lot of the nose heavy penalty. I think the 13 GT500 will be faster on pretty much any track, but the issue is it will be set up more for road bowling. If they wanted it to be a circuit monster, they could. But GT500 has always been (as I understand it) about straight line performance and aggressive looks/attitude. So it will probably be faster, but a little hairy getting there as opposed to a car set up for track use.

The big news is I read Ford is going to keep it under 60k. If that is true, that is a screaming deal even once you add track pack etc. I was expecting 70k. The dealer markup will be the killer, they have year old GT500s on the lots here with 20k markup still.


CaliMR said:
The big news is I read Ford is going to keep it under 60k. If that is true, that is a screaming deal even once you add track pack etc.

And no gas guzzler tax. Amazing.

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