What tires do you recommend on Apex 18x11 wheels

Discussion in 'APEX Race Parts' started by Jeffery Dempsey, Feb 7, 2019.

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    My current running wheel and tire set up are the Project 19 inch with the RE71R. In the garage rafters are another 2 Project 19 inch wheels and a set of Sport Cup 2s that might have a single track day remaining in them. The Sport Cup 2s are 305/30-19.

    When I mentioned going to a second set, the thought was really just purchasing two mode Project wheels and mounting up the Sport Cup 2s for COTA.

    I like the idea of the 18x11 for lighter weight and a little less hot wheels appearance. The plan would still be two sets of wheels and tires, but, initially it would have to be a single set with rubber that could street and road course.

    I do have a trailer for towing the Mustang to the track...

    Thanks for all of your inputs. I will consider the options and decide my course of action. I figure the sale of all my existing wheels and tires could closely fund my 18x11 wheels and tire purchase.
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    19x11" offers some great 200TW options, but if you want to run R comps or slicks, 18x11" is the way to go. You can find slicks/R comps for 19s, but they are much more expensive.


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