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What would you do?

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Just wondering what various opinions are on this out there. I have the opportunity to secure an allocation for a 2014 GT500 at msrp. I truly believe it will be a special car to own not only now, but in the future as well. With the Mustang getting a total revamp in 2015, I don't know if we will see this kind of horsepower again. For what it's worth, which may be nothing, I was told from a Ford employee who says he has some inside knowledge, the V8's will be gone as soon as 2015, only 4 and six cyl., turbos, i'm sure. What i'm wondering is, has anybody driven the 2013 Shelby. I have a 2012 Yellow Blaze Boss, 1200 miles. Dealer would give me $37,500, which equates to about $40,700 w/ sales tax savings in New York state. Love my Boss, but I don't track it. Will I be disappointed in handling of the Shelby? Any input appreciated, especially from any of those who have driven both.
In a word, yes. You'll be disappointed in the handling of the Shelby compared to the Boss. The Shelby has come a long way in the last couple of years, but it still has way too much weight on the front. It's not nearly as planted as the Boss, and is still too skittish in the rear end. If you're looking for brute horsepower and don't mind giving up some handling prowess, then you should consider the Shelby. If you're looking for a car that might be collectible and are happy with your Boss, keep it. It's a better all-around car. Since it only had a 2-year run, it might be as collectible as the Shelby someday (although you should never buy a car based on the presumption of increased future value). I owned a 2008 GT500 and I'm much happier with the Boss.

For a good review on the 2013 Shelby (probably not much change if any for 2014), check out the new issue of Motor Trend. There's a GT500 and ZL1 on the cover. I think you'l be enlightened.
With no disrespect intended your year old Boss with 1,200 miles is a garage queen so you might as well have a faster garage queen. I say go for it.
5 DOT 0 said:
With no disrespect intended your year old Boss with 1,200 miles is a garage queen so you might as well have a faster garage queen. I say go for it.

I concur with .O, with that few of miles on your 12 Boss and no intended track duty, go for the Beast!!!!
It really depends on what your goal is. If you are looking for something that will be a rare collectible car someday,you will have a tough time beating the Boss. A 2 year run compared to what will be an 8 year run for the GT500. I love the Shelby's but they are turning into a dime a dozen. Go to any car show and there are bunches of them. Bosses are simply much more rare and because of the limited production will remain that way. Now...if you want a pure muscle car screamer and having a very rare car doesn't matter, then go for the Shelby.
Any new car has plenty of handling for the street, and you don't track your car so at the limit handling doesn't matter. Plus a big motor can be enjoyed every stop light, handling is only on the right roads with no traffic. I would guess it is not nearly as "raw" feeling as the Boss, but not everyone even wants that. And with a tune and some light mods it would probably be completely bonkers.
I think the hp will be useless on the road without serious mods to get it to launch on the street the boss even breaks that barrier you have to mod it to hook up on the street and as you add power you have to make it hookup again as for collector value well, first off their tradein offer sounds low for that many miles and the shelby is everywhere. I think the 2013 and 2014 shelby are sick great, but the problem for me and everyone ive talked to is they ALL look the same gt shelby boss v6 the body was stollen from the shelby now tainted. If I had the chance to get a 2013-3014 shelby no doubt I would but I am only in it for the 'Race'


At VIR today, I had the chance to ride shotgun in a '13 GT500. My instructor (who has a pro license) borrowed one to track for the event. It hauls ass, but here are some subjective observations. While I was riding passenger I noticed a strong vibration under my feet. Now I've not ridden in tons of cars, but when i first felt this, it felt 'wrong'. It also made an audible sound. Perhaps just the crazy HP, so don't take my remark as technical or knowledgeable.

However, the instructor said he loved the sound of the boss way more than the gt500. He said the gt500 has the hp but was questioning the balance and brakes. That's all the info I observed.
But the car seemed more 'solid' and of course powerful than the boss from a passenger point of view. clearly.
I had the chance to check out a 2013 gt500 a guy just bought and all I will say is there is a reason that is Ford's flag ship car and it shows there is no way our Bosses will keep up from what I can see. They even come with a carbon fiber driveshaft that alone is 1500 bucks. I would say if you are not tracking it then get a gt500 but for the track I still dont see a replacement for the Boss :eek:


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If I had the coin to get one no doubt the boss would be gone. the 2013 is a pure animal. I am not a track rat just a drag racer so the 2013 GT500 is my dream car. Just look at what they got them running already with hardly anything done to it
If history repeats any it always does but twisted. A friend in 1969 bought a Shelby GT 350R for $1350. in pefect shape and sold it in 1972 for $850.00. My mother on a whim bought a 1969 Shelby Gt California in 1984 perfect shape convertable at auction for $1500 Factory driver for Iocola, and still may have it. Unless you can not drive and garage it, and cash out in 25+ years, and gas is still available for it in 25 years buy for now. Just stupid to speculate. But stupid is as stupid does.
It all goes back to personal preference. Earlier this year after the kid's college was paid for decided to reward myself for working for 47 yrs. Had my mind made up for a GT 500 until i went by the local Ford dealership and they had a RR Boss in the showroom. I didn't buy that one because it had a deposit on it but i found one in Richmond Va. and purchased it. I have had people pull up to me at stoplights and ask did i build that car. It is definitely a head turner. I know there are cars that are faster and handled better but for overall performance and the "cool" factor it is hard to beat the Boss.


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1) you don't need more HP if a garage queen
2) you already own the better handling car
3) you have the first year of a 2 year run car
4) you have a '12 which has a unique style of its own

I would keep that puppy right where it is.
Thanks for the input everyone. I was leaning towards keeping my Boss anyway. What intrigued me about the GT500 was the fact that even though this car has been around for 8 yrs or so, like any other model built in the past, there are specific years which will be more desirable. I believe the 2013-14 model years will be that car based on the major revisions and obscene horsepower, which I don't ever think we'll see again from a production car. They may handle better and be just as fast, but w/ a much smaller, lighter car. As for that much horsepower, do I need it, no. I can make the case since a majority of us don't track our bosses, we don't even need 444hp. As for my car being a garage queen, that was never the intention. I have an 3y/o and a 10 mo old. Right now they are my priorities. In another year or two I will have more time, and wether it's a Boss or Shelby, it will get used more.


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More is not necessarily better, the extra HP you would have with the GT500 are you really gonna use them? We are pretty biased here towards the Boss, so it's not surprising the kind of responses posted so far.


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ace72ace said:
More is not necessarily better, the extra HP you would have with the GT500 are you really gonna use them? We are pretty biased here towards the Boss, so it's not surprising the kind of responses posted so far.
better to have more power and not use than need the hp and not have it. I love the boss but I would take the GT500 over the boss every day of the week

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