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What's the differance

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My '13 Boss has the standard "limited slip" rear axle....what would the Torsen differential have added?


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
The "standard" limited slip is the Ford Traction Lok with carbon fiber clutch plates. The traction lok uses a relatively "weak" spring compared to other LSDs or full mechanical LSDs like the Torsen. Due to this, the clutch packs will wear out over time reducing effectiveness of the LSD.

The Torsen is a fully-mechanical (gear/screw drive) that does not have any consumable/wear items that can degrade over time and affect performance.
to add to the above description, the clutch type LSD will allow more slip over time as the discs wear out. so you will not get "equal" power distribution between your rear wheels overtime, and the wheel with less resistance will get more power, hence LSD will become less effective. but we're talking about good amount of wear. if you dont track your car, you probably won't notice any difference.
Not that I am planning right now as I'm trying to maintain factory config, but....upgrading to Torsen LSD could be done by the dealer with considerable cost for
Abor/ material?

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