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wheels and tires for track days

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I am looking at the SVE drift wheels in sizes 9x18, offset 35 & 10x18, offset 45 with Toyo R888, sizes 275/35-18, 25.7" & 305/35-18, 26.3".
Will this setup work well on a total stock Boss. Would the 275/40-18, 26.7', be a better setup on the front than the 275/35-18.
The 35's are about $170. less for 2 tires than the 40's. From my calculation the 275/35-18 and the 305/35-18 have a 2.3% difference in height, is that ok?
You can probably go either way but the 275/40 on the front is closer to stock so that's the way I'd go. It also depends on how much track experience you have, meaning if your in tune with the feel of those tires with the lower profile and driving style preference etc.
I've run the 305/35/18 & 275/35/18 combo on 18 x 9.5 35mm offset and 18 x 10.5 38mm offset Enkeis and it works fine. That said you wouldn't go wrong with the 40s up front either especially in stock form since you're going to get some serious brake dive and the rear end will be way above the front in hard braking zones. I just wasn't particularly fond of the triple 8s. They are durable though, just not as fast as the Nittos.

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