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WHITELINE Watts Link w/ Diff Cover 2005+

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Whiteline has created a Watts Link for your 2005-2013 which allows the axle to move up and down in a true vertical plane keeping it centered under the car. This allows for full adjustment in your handling and is perfect for street and track cars.

This kit includes the watts link which is made of 4130 Chromoly and a differential cover. They use a Synthetic Elastomer bushing which reduce noise, vibration and rigidity to the rear end without the harshness of commonly used rubber bushings.

This goes for $899.99 plus shipping.

Call for yours!!


or order online at:
Whiteline - Watts Link - 2005-2013 Mustang
Steve, there's a post over on TMS and a guy claims this unit is made in S. Korea. (he states N. Korea but he's obviously clueless) Anyway can you please confirm where the components of this link are made? I know there are several of us looking at this specific unit.
So what? Does it mater if it is? I think not. Tons of parts you get from Summit or Jegs hell even Ford has stuff made in S.Korea.
908ssp said:
So what? Does it mater if it is? I think not. Tons of parts you get from Summit or Jegs hell even Ford has stuff made in S.Korea.
It's clearly not made in N. Korea. ;) Whiteline is an Australian company and I'd like to know where it's made. Our cars source parts from all over the world so it's not a big deal I'd just like to know. My FR wheels are made in Taiwan and that didn't stop me.
Hey guys,
All of Whiteline's bushings are currently made in our factory overseas which is very strictly controlled for quality. The metal parts for all the new mustang product is designed and manufactured in the USA.
No Problem! Always willing to answer any questions!

Well this car is my 2004 Saleen S281 Supercharged. I bought it in 2007 while working for Saleen Inc in Irvine, and at was actually a company car that had never been registered, and was basically just sitting at the building, so I am the first owner outside of Saleen Inc! It had super low miles (under 5k) when I got it, and the mods instantly started. Although it started life as a Standard N/A Saleen, it was used for a lot of aftermarket R&D for updated parts, so it has all the toys we had to offer, plus some that were never released!

Currently running a modified version of the Saleen Series 4 Supercharger with a modified 2.875 pulley from the S197 Saleen Extremes, putting out roughly 14 psi and about 425hp/400tq at the wheels. These days I am a little more interested in the suspension side so I am contemplating some new toys for it, and recently I added the TruFiber Carbon Fiber Saleen Extreme style hood. Looks amazing!

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