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Will the Pirelli World Challenge Spec 305 slick fit on a 9.5" wheel?

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Phoenix, Az
I have two sets of these, I've never run the pirelli in 305/645/18 (I've always used the 275 conti or recently some yokohama's thanks to azgt).

I have some 18x9.5" wheels, which I know isn't ideal, but these tires do appear a bit narrow. The current appendix A lists the boss 302S cars eligible for a 10" front, 10.5" rear wheel. Previously they had 9.5" wheels (that BBS option).

Should I try to dump my track wheels? They've served me well, but if they aren't ideal for this use, I can investigate something else.
The standard wheel previously was a 18X10 BBS , the ford racing catalog does list a 18X9.5 but the WC wheel has always been a 18X10 .
I have some 18X9.5 inch TSW's and I did mount some Hoosier 305/645/18 slicks but I have not tried the 305 Pirelli . The biggest problem will be getting the top bead to seat on the rim
I would guess no. I've 305 660 Pirelli slicks (Rolex series) on 18x10's and it's a stretch, but they're so nice. Hot tire pressures are 30.

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