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Winter storage of the BOSS.

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:'( Today is the dreaded day of retiring my BOSS for it's first winter. I brought it out of the showroom on March 4th and made it till September 29th. I put on just over 5500 miles, done 3 oil changes, diff and tranny changed to Amsoil, and the only mods are a K&N panel filter and GT 500 mufflers. No track days and 2 1/4 mile runs using Trackapps.
What are some best practices of storing a car over the winter? I have it in a single car unheated garage. Should I use the Cover that came with it? Up on blocks (tires removed) or just as is? Full tank of fuel and Stabil fuel stabilizer?........
What do you guys do with yours?
Full tank of gas with Stabil. Connect a battery tender and cover it with the factory cover and leave it until spring.....unless you decide to mod it for track use this winter :D


Mustang owner since 84
It's 77 degrees here in Buffalo, NY. There's no way I'm putting it away with weather like this.
Unless you live in Alaska isn't it a bit early for this annual thread?
Unless you live in Alaska isn't it a bit early for this annual thread?
I live in the middle of British Columbia in Canada, and for the last 7 days, 4 have been below freezing in the morning. Trust me, I would drive it untill not possible, but they have torn up the road to where I work to re pave it, and they water it down and there are large potholes that A Boss 302 shouldn't attempt. I have a winter vehicle, but honestly can't afford to insure 2 vehicles at this time.
Here in Massachusetts we still have a good 6-8 weeks of good driving left. When the time comes, I wash the car and put it in the garage uncovered. Every two weeks in the winter I back it out and make sure it gets enough travel per the owners manual (suggest all take a look). I usually leave it running for at least 30 minutes. I use stabilizer and usually run the tank down about 1/4 during the winter due to the biweekly running.

My feeling is that covers may damage the paint and unless you get so much snow you can't put it in the driveway for a while then you might as well visit an old friend now and then.
I have put my Boss in storage as well,PittMeadows B.C.,7250KM this summer.I have a battery tender,some fuel stabilizer in a full tank 94 Octane.Cleaning top to bottom,no cover at this point.Plan on starting her every couple weeks and running it up and down the driveway,when we get those nice cold sunny winter days a permit is $ 35.00 so I can give her a good run .A Battery tender Charges the battery at 2 amps,then maintanes a full charge by going into float,only charging when nessary.


Mustang owner since 84
Once mines in storage with gas, and Stabil, and washed and cleaned. I don't start it, I remove battery and add a battery tender.
The Boss in a bubble,very cool.But how did you do it? I have two Tenders in my garage, ones been there for years on my Quad.Decided to move it off the plastic box onto the concreat floor.Know that I'am freaked about the house fire.Thanks for warning.
I remember the boy in the bubble, but never knew there was a Boss in a bubble!

I don't cover mine. I fill the tank, put fuel stabilizer in it and start it about every 10-14 days, back it out of the garage and let the engine get up to temp.
93 LX 5.0 said:
Don' t want to be a negative Nancy. Be careful with a tender. A guy I work with lost his house when his caught fire.

+1 I have seen a thread on one of the Shelby forums where a battery tender caught fire and destroyed a new Shelby. I know I'll never own one and will just charge the battery come Springtime. If I was storing one with the intension of not starting it till Spring I would remove the battery or at the least just disconnect the cables. If you are storing the car in an unheated garage the battery could freeze and bust if the charge went away so maybe take the battery in the house and store in on a block of wood if your floor is concrete. Always heard concrete would zap a battery but maybe an old wives tale...A foot long 2x8 pretty cheap insurance though. Don't forget the mice too!
FWIW I have 5 battery tenders on cars, trailers and scooters and have been using them for years. Sure anything's possible, but if they were burning down buildings on a routine basis, I'm pretty sure the lawyers would have buried their business by now. If you let a battery run all the way down come spring, you'll have a battery to replace. Once they're run down, their life is significantly shortened.

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