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1997 Mustang Profile

1997 Mustang


Specs & Mods

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Mods - Handling
Agent 47 front SLA with JRI double adjustable shocks & Kenny Brown adjustable sway bar, 650 lb / in springs. In the rear, MM control arms and adjustable sway bar, JRI single adjustable shocks, 550 lb / in springs, Fays2 Watts Link, cambered rear axle tubes w/ angled snouts (totals 1.25 degrees per side camber) w/ Speedway Engineering axles and hubs. Real 16x14 wheels with 25.5x14R15 Hoosier S (R35 compound) all around. Wilwood Dynalite brakes all around w/ stock MC and deleted ABS.
Mods - Power
Original 4.6 block (only 260,000 miles on it) stroked to 5.0L, forged crank, rods, and pistons. '03 Cobra heads, ported & polished w/ Comp 106100 cam and valve springs, stock 2001 Cobra intake, Kooks 1 5/8" headers, no cats, SLP Loudmouth 2 mufflers w/ dumps, upgraded fuel pump w/ 30 lb / hr injectors w/ COP, electric water pump, dyno tune (373 rwhp).
Mods - Exterior
Fiberglass cowl hood, Maier Racing fender flares (fronts cut up for tire clearance), plexiglas rear spoiler, not outside but front is tubular forward of the shock towers, Optic Armor windshield.
Mods - Interior
What interior? 2 seats, rollbar, stripped dash, extra gauges, battery behind pass seat.
Background & Plans
Owned car since new, started autocrossing in 2001 in this car, daily driver until 2010, extensive modifications began after that. If I was better at setting up cars I could probably extract more performance from it. I wouldn't mind more power but I still want it reliable.
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