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  1. DaKonquerer

    GT350 Front Caliper Stuck on Studs

    Hey Everybody,I've 2017 GT350 that I semi-regularly track. I installed the Caliperfexion Steel Caliper Studs about three years ago. Over time as I have changed pads for the events and then back to the street use, I have noticed that the caliper does not slide off the studs and onto the stud...
  2. EBC Brakes

    EBC Brakes Pad Giveaway - December

    As a friendly gesture and a way to interact with the TMO forum (and because its almost Christmas!), we would like to give the members here a chance of winning a free set of pads, front and rear for their Mustang. One randomly selected forum member can choose any pad from our entire range...
  3. EBC Brakes

    EBC Brakes Joins as a Vendor

    We are pleased to be joining your community, and we look forward to discussing all things brakes with you! In recent years we have focused on developing a range of racing products, something never before prioritized in such depth, and we are excited to share with you two incredible new race...
  4. MinDseTz

    S550 Rear brake caliper issue? Weird pad deposit with new pads

    First, the pads are brand new and both rear rotors were turned. I've been having a weird 'pop' or 'creak' sound from my driver side rear for a while (before and after new pads/rotors). I'm stuck trying to figure out the noise but I noticed a difference in the patterns left on the rotors. Also, I...
  5. Impact302

    Hawk HPS5.0 Replacement using existing rotors

    Guys I have a 2013 5.0 TrackPack that either gets aggressively street driven or HPDE driven. I'm done with the HPS5.0 as they suck in all situations Street/Track.Very modular pedal feel, very low bite, horrible heat tolerance to aggressive driving (20 Minute sessions). I wanna keep using the...
  6. OPMustang Tim

    GT350 Rotors - Solid - Not Drilled

    We brought in these OEM Ford Brake Rotors for our Customers who track their GT350's and have had issues with cracking between the holes in the rotor face. The other issues with the "Marketing" holes is they act as cheese grater to brake pads at elevated temperatures. As the brakes reach high...
  7. S197/Boss Mustang Track Parts - Come 'n Get 'Em!

    Clearing out few remaining S197 track/performance parts I had accumulated. Please PM me with any questions.Note: Shipping included within USA only.1. Custom adjustable panhard bar from Rod End Supply w/ Ingalls Engineering relocation bracket - $150 shipped Used/good condition. Great upgrade...
  8. KNS Brakes

    S550 Brake Duct Cooling Kit by Grip Performance

    We were contacted by Tony Carter in Charlotte NC who fabricates some race car parts. He came up with a pretty nice S550 brake duct cooling kit and has asked us to help show it to you track guys.It’s pretty simple – the spindle mount is AL and bolts on and the hose gets routed up to the bumper...
  9. Nick Melnikoff

    2012 Boss 302 stock stuff for sale.!
  10. Wolvee

    Brembo Brand DOT 5.1

    Are there any threads that go into detail on brake fluids? I have a '16 GT and I'm in the middle of the worlds longest Clutch install. While putting it up, I managed to mess up my TOB. Looking to bleed the new one, I figured I'd switch to DOT 5.1 and add Stainless braided brake lines...
  11. Track experience with S550 6 Piston?

    Hello fellow Mustang enthusiasts! I've got an upgrade dilemma. Since last trackday season, I've been contemplating a brake upgrade for my 13 Boss. I've been running the stock Brembo 4 piston brakes with 3" ducts, Castrol SRF, 1mm Ti shims, and the popular Pagid RS29/56 combo. While brake...
  12. SavetheManuals

    G-Loc R12 Feedback

    Just installed the G-Loc R12 pads on the front of my Boss on Saturday and tracked them on Sunday at Big Willow (pads came pre-bed from @OPMustang Tim and I did some driving Saturday to get some pad transfer). The pads were perfectly quiet on the way to the track with plenty of stopping power...