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Yay! I presume that means backorders will be filled then too? 18x11 ec7 bronze.
Sorry, just 19" SM-10s as stated above. 18x11 EC-7s seem to be in a perpetual backorder due to shipping delays. We are expecting to see the first of those come in late April/early May.

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
W2W Racing
20+ Years
We understand your pain Scoots, waiting for special parts , and 18 inch Apex Rims are extremely special, is akin to the closest a man can come to the experience of pregnancy. Oooooooooh, the waiting for the rims to conceive and arrive at your doorstep........stop, take a breath , release, breathe again, release.

Get ahold of Cory, put in your order now, so you will get one of the first sets, you would be having morning sickness if you miss out and they are over sold, ha.

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