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► APEX | Flow Formed Lightweight Mustang Wheels - Built to Perform


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In case you want to know how they look on a Kona Blue Boss. Just put them on yesterday in preparation for the Mustang Roundup in Hastings, NE.

19x11 Apex SM-10 ET52 Satin Black Wheel on Bridgestone RE71r 305-30R19

Exterior Body (501).jpg

Exterior Body (505).jpg

Exterior Body (506).jpg

Exterior Body (510).jpg
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I have a set of the bronze wheels and they look killer, especially with a white or red (or white and red) car.
Unfortunately I didn't get any photos before my last incident so those will have to wait. But they are quite nice.

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All good replies and JAJ has one of the main ones. Many caps are not plastic, but metal and one popping off at 100 mph ( for example) can be major debris coming towards a car running behind. Not uncommon running over curbing or having an off course excursion to find a cap has disappeared , and most groups recommending removing them for that reason. Other good responses, but good idea to remove.
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