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1500 Mile Review

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I've been using this forum since Feb this year when I placed my order for my Boss. A lot of great info here and a big thanks to JMBOSS. I wanted to share my 1500 mile review so here it goes:
Picked up my GHIG 2013 Boss Aug 18. I love the color. The sound from the exhaust is awesome and the car turns like no car I have driven before. I now know why the car had so many accolades - truly a race car in street tires. I have 3 kids and they love going for cruises. My two girls like it more than my son and they love going with the windows down to hear the snap crackle and pop.

My modifications:
-Removed the side exhaust restrict plates (this is the only way to drive this machine)
-Installed 3rd brake light decal
-tinted windows
-JLT oil separator
-Redline hood struts

Next on my list:
-air raid CAI with carbon fiber
-Polk audio speakers with an amp
-Roush exhaust

Just some last comments. I've read a lot about the shifter issues some guys are having, but I am knocking on wood that my shifter is really smooth. Only missed one shift going to third and went to fifth. No lockout either on downshiftsj. I love the 0 to 60. So far my best is 4.5 but is limited by wheel spin since it is getting cold here in Chicago. The car is so composed on all aspects and can't wait to drive it everyday.



Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Finally, someone replacing the speakers AND putting in an amp. What model Polk's? I may want to upgrade the cheap JL coax I put up front until I can afford my big budget upgrade using GT Premium door panels next year. The speakers alone will have you cursing the mega wimpy stock AMP in the head unit immediately. I used this line out converter to keep Sync and the OEM appearance and am very happy w/it. Was plug and play into the existing harness, NO splicing.

It's a direct plug and play, you just have to adjust the gain on each channel (F/R) otherwise the signal will cut out. I swear the stock head unit has a 2/3, 1/3 bias for the amount of power you get up front versus the rears. This would make sense because the cloth Recaro's block so much from the rears that it's really just 'filler'.

Are you paying a shop to do this or yourself? I was originally going to use the spare tire well as a spot for the amp, but the old school Yamaha amp I have that's about 20yrs old is huge. Worried about heat issues in that confined space too, so I actually mounted it under the rear parcel shelf with some heavy duty zip ties. Pretty funky setup, but I like it as I can easily cut the ties and remove it for track days. :)

I didn't have any issues with stock shifter either, until such time as when the engine break in period was over and tried some WOT runs through the gears. If you really get on the throttle and power shift from 2-3, that is where you may miss the shift gate and see why so many Boss owners have decided on an upgrade. I had 2 other experienced drivers try out my car to make sure it wasn't just me, they both missed the 2-3 shift as well. If you never drive your Boss this hard or your own shifting style doesn't cause you to miss this shift, then you don't need to upgrade the shifter. However comparing the feel of the OEM to the MGW is night and day, it's such a quality precision piece, it's very satisfying.

I have the Redline struts as well, and after peeling off the logo stickers off the pistons it looks stock. I got some plastic washers at Lowe's for the hood mount to not scratch the paint.

Don't forget to consider the CoolTech sound tube delete. Triple win as you lose the ugly tube, easier to check the oil, and then you have perfect route through the firewall for the power cable for your amplifier using the supplied grommet. I got some 1/2" plastic wiring loom at Lowe's and it looks similar to the factory looms so it has a stock look to it. I will take a few pix when I replace the green zip ties I had handy with some black ones that will blend in much better than the colored ones.
I am looking to have someone do the speakers - I would f it up. Looking at

Good advice on the sound tube delete for the wires. I think I will do the airaid cai before the speakers since the airraid comes with the sound tube delete plug.

Thanks for the feedback on the shifter. I may do the MGW because of the reviews and I watched the install video. The MGW parts look like they are made better and with higher quality materials. It is just lower on my list for now. Need some speakers and amp to listen to some ACDC.

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