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2012 Boss 302 Lemon law

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My car is just at my end I have been in the dealer 5 times for the transmission now everything that was giving me a problem seems to have been fixed except now there is a new very disturbing problem/issue it sometimes sticks in second gear not allowing you to get out of gear. I am at a point of thinking lemon law the problem is I love the car. It clearly needs a new transmission and my dealer seems to just think his guy can fix it. Well after 5 times I am at my end. Has anyone had to go through the lemon law over these transmissions yet? Damn this pisses me off.
PeteInCT said:
Have you spoken directly to Ford ?

I went on to allfordmustangs and got a hold of someone on there and they had someone at ford call me but at the time it was my 5th visit and they fixed the leaking then now it has been a few weeks and the thing is sticking random into second. I pulled out into traffic the other morning kinda still waking up heading to work and I could not get out of second worked the clutch and it finally came out. Then go to work it jammed again this time it would not come out I had to hit the shifter pretty hard to get it out then I had no first so I worked the shifter back and fourth and first came back drove it this morning and it seemed fine it is random. I'm on my last nerve. I refuse to have this ford dealers transmission guy touch this car again this never even had this type of problem.
2012 Boss 302 Lemon law

Each states's lemon law is different. Most require a certain amount of time to be in the dealership and a certain amount of times you have taken it in. It will probably lead to mediation as well.
send a certified letter to Ford outlining the problem along with the details of service visits. If you are thinking about arbitration or the lemon law (in CA anyway), it is a required step that you notify the manufacturer in writing about the issue. i had a different issue that caused my car to be in for service multiple times in rapid succession. once i sent the letter, they contacted me right away and were extremely attentive in getting my issue fixed (mostly). They sent me to a certain dealer who they worked hand in hand with to address the issue and push through all the authorizations for work as well as i then had a direct contact at Ford who was responsible for making sure the car was fixed. If you love the car like i do, it is a worthwhile route to pursue


If I had to guess, sounds like the pilot bearing has been damaged some kind of way so that the input shaft speed wont slow down........thus making it like your not pushing the clutch in. Easy to do if your not careful putting the transmission in. Cant imagine anything else internal that could cause that............It happened to my 98 GT.........the replaced the clutch (Ford dealer) cause it had a little bit of chatter i didnt like. Wasnt too much longer it acted up like yours..............I made them change the whole transmission ( I knew a bunch of people there) as a "unit down". Of course the said they had to tear it down and i told them that if thats what they were going to base it on I would make sure it was gonna be bad! ........any way new tranny next morning..........when they tried to get it out the car the pilot bearing wouldnt let go........when it did you could see where it was galling to the input the new tranny anyway :)
Well I am waiting on a call from my dealer and also went ahead and contacted a lemon law lawyer the car has been in the shop 5 times for transmission issues. Sad I love the car but ford pretty much has let me down.
I dont think it has anything to do with the gears the other day it stuck me in second gear really bad to a point of I had to really push the shifter was kinda worried I was going to break it then it came out of second and I had no first gear? I kept moving the shifter back and fourth and finally got first bac I think it has something to do with whatever selects the gears but who knows I do not want their guy touching this transmission again.
Each state has a procedure to follow, etc.

We had our 1st Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD a number of years ago. Had a tranny problem that was in the service dept. 3 X's for the same issue. We were in the loaner car more than our own.

I had requested a meeting with the Zone Service Manager (after the 2nd time). We had that meeting and he assured me that our vehicle would be fixed properly.

The day after the 3 rd visit, we drove home. 2 hours later, I looked under Jeep and there was a puddle of Tranny fluid. I called the Zone Mgr directly and told him to pick it up and don't bring it back!

This was during a model year change, so Jeep took back the 1994 Jeep and we got into a 1995 Jeep, just exchanged collateral on my Loan.

There was of course the Lemon Law in Texas also, but I really didn't have to call the State's AG office; Jeep took care of everything. Every state might be different, but it's a Federal Law.

Anyway, check out your state's website, usually at the Attorney General's website. I would definitely call the Service Manager and get Ford's Zone manager involved.

Each case is different, but you've been patient. The Boss is too good of a vehicle to mess around with this. You might end up with a 2013. Don't delay.
It is entirely possible that the person/mechanic is not actually fixing your problem. Assuming the same mechanic is working on it everytime it goes to the dealer. It happens all the time in the service world. We call them parts changers. They dont really fix the problem they just replace broken parts witch is the result of the problem. Just another angle to think about.


Mustang owner since 84
Re: 2012 Boss 302 Lemon law

Ford is not letting you down, the dealers inexperience is. Ford. Is willing to fix it, it's a shame your dealers mechanics suck.
Jeep, I was in the process of having my lawyer lemon law my car when Ford finally fixed me brakes (at least it seems better so far) after 8 months and way too many trips to the dealer. You need to talk to a lemon law lawyer in your state. If you know anyone at a dealership, ask them which lemon lawyer they are afraid of (my friend is a fleet manager for Nissan, he knew exactly who to send me to lol). They will do a free consultation and then tell you if they can win for you.

I'm about at the end of my rope with the trans and clutch too, my problem is Ford never actually tried to repair either so they can deny that there is an issue at all unless I go out of pocket to have it confirmed by an independent expert. I'm hoping that they come out with a fix (I really, really doubt it) but I am starting to record my pedal box and shifter while driving in case I do need to try to force them to fix it. I still have lock outs, clutch sticking to the floor, kick outs, and grinding while in gear.

Your lawyer will tell you whether to try writing letters, emails etc to Ford corporate. FWIW, I mailed and emailed them pictures of my caliper crapping fluid all over itself and my MC barfing and even a video I took as I was dropping off my car with fluid leaking out of it. Ford didn't give a ****, at all, and instead said that it was evidence of owner abuse and they were denying my brake caliper warranty. They made several other threats too. In the end, I argued with my local dealer's manager and he told Ford to cover it, but I had to go out of pocket to buy a new MC reservoir because mine was leaking at the seams and they wouldn't cover that. Oh, and I had been reporting the problems to customer care (which they admitted they had in their records) since the car had <100 miles, and brought it in to document it at 300 miles.

I really like this car, but I have lost all faith in Ford over the issues it is having. In the last few years, I have bought around 10 Fords between myself, work, and doing all the purchasing for my family. Since Ford told me to go **** myself, I have bought 4 Toyotas because despite liking the Fords better, Toyota has never tried to **** me. I actually have 2 more toyota trucks on order for work too, and I won't let my sister buy a Ford so I have her looking at accords and subarus. Good call Ford, saving a few bucks on not fixing my tranny was a really nice gift to Toyota.
Ok well I now have two videos one at a light took three tries to get into first gear that is what they were supposed to fix alread now the second I pulled into my driveway and was stuck in second gear could not get it out had to really hit the shifter hard about five times to get it out of second and then it had no first gear when I would put it into first as soon as I let out the clutch it came right back out I am taking these two videos to my dealership manager tomorrow morning with the intention of getting resolution. They will either replace this transmission or the car is staying there. Damn getting over a cold finally have vacation time and thios is how I am having to spend it. I am pissed.
Re: 2012 Boss 302 Lemon law

Cjmclean31 said:
Maybe need a new dealer?

I think with the problem being random any dealer would give me a hard time but I kinda think in the morning after they watch the two videos they might want to help a bit more.
pretty simple. You need to ask for a meeting with the service manager and Ford's Field service engineer. It costs the dealer nothing to ask for a FSE to come and advise. You need a new box! Period! A field service engineer has the ability to authorize any repair....especially if he knows "lemon law " is next. Manual transmissions are a biznitch to field repair and diagnose. Usually the cost cap for repair exceeds the "complete trans" replacement....if its diagnosed correctly.
I wouldn't mention lemon law to them, if you are going to do it then just hire the lawyer and let him deal with it. That was advice from both my lawyer and my friend at Nissan who suggested him.


People in general like the easy road.....If you meet with the service manager,dealership owner and the area rep and tell them you feel your only way out is either a new transmission or lemon law they will probably give you the "one more try" statement.........hold your ground.......ask for a new transmission and if they balk.......calmly procede......BUT reading earlier you enjoy the you really want to give it up? you want a 2013?........hard choice in front of you. when it locks up in second can you turn the car off and move the shifter?..........

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