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2012 Boss 302 LS Owners Kit

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I am the owner of a 2012 LS here is Georgia. I would like to know if anyone knows how to get the Owners kit that comes with the car? Here is a link. Shouldn't Ford have sent one to me? 10 months now...Thanks
Ford sent those directly to the original owners as registered by the dealer. I would call Ford Racing and let them know. As an owner for 10 months you should have received it around Christmas as that was when Ford was playing catch up with the deliveries.
Thank you for this information! This is what I found out about my 2012 LS and the owners kit that I was supposed to get by now...I contacted Ford Racing who informed me that the kit was sent out in October to the person who they say the dealer sold it to but it was not me! I think I got screwed! What I suspect is some one had an interest in this car before and the deal fell through then I got the car with 20 miles on it and Ford Racing said it was someone else. I bought this car off the show room and did not order it so I don't know the history of it but I will find out. I will be going to the DMV tomorrow and find out if it was registered to another person before me. Thanks to the FORD Dealer in my home town! I don't want to mention the name yet because I still live here. If this goes the way I hope it does not then I will let you know who it is. I still need to give them a chance to get it back from the person who has it. They know who it is but for privacy reasons this may take a little bit.

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