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2012 Race Red pics.......

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Hi Everyone,
While we are all waiting on the new 2013 pics, i thought i would show some of my 12 Race Red Pics. As i am new to posting pics, i do hope this works. I purchased my boss on 11-1-11. Track key installed and side pipe disc removed on 11-2-11, lol. I have owned several mustangs in the past and this is the best i have owned. My first was a 1969 Mach 1 428 cj, it was white with red stripes and black shaker hood scoop. Then i owned a white 93 convert. Then a 94 cobra black vert, then a 96 cobra mistic green, then a 98 cobra black vert, lol. This is the most enjoyable car to drive that i have ever owned. I hope this link works, for this is the first time i have posted any pics of her. It was cloudy and overcast this day. I washed her up clay bar all. She has treated me well so far. I have driven her 1900 miles so far. The car is just now getting broke in, 6500 shifts are a breese, lol. I believe this is the last hot rod this old man will own. I hope you all drive your Boss in good health..............Go here............. Look Below.......
If you see any other pictures just disreguard them this pic posting is all new to me, lol
Earl, welcome to BMO. A good friend of mine has a pristine 1969 R code Mach 1 CJ. It's a torque monster.

Check the Tip For Reading BMO for info on how to post photos.
Thanks for the kinda words. That is some limestone out cropings that the local high school kids painted to honor our local military hero's.
Some are no longer with us. I took my 80 year old mother up there to let her read the plack and wall. She said she didn't care much for my car, she said it was to loud, lol. if you are ever in the middle tennessee area feel free to give me a shout. I sure would like to see that beautiful black LS you have there.
Drive Em in Good Health........

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