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2013 Boss LS Dynojet Run

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This car has Steeda CAI, custom tune, and Kooks LT headers & H-pipe, magnaflow street exhaust, and axle-exchange 4" DS.




Awesome! Those were the numbers I was getting with the exact same setup but I have the GT500 mufflers.
pufferfish said:
great power! gotta ask, was 407/361 stock and 426/372 after everything was installed?

I don't have a stock run but I believe stock won't break 400 rwhp. The 407/361 is with the CAI Steeda tune adding the kooks but without changing the tune. The 426/372 was with the kooks and the custom dyno tune.
I just returned from the track where I ran 12.69 at 114 mph. Not that good but my first time at the track with a manual. I believe it could break 12 since my launch was poor and my shifts slow.
It is like anything else. The more runs you make, the better you will get. Technique and timing will get better and you will go faster.
Good start though.
Tulsa, OK
Good numbers, very similar to mine. I made 423/383 with the mods in my sig on a dynapack. I have a friend with a boss who made almost the exact same numbers with the mods you have. The only difference between us is he has LTs and running 91 while I have stock headers and E85. We laid the graphs over one another and it was amazing how similar they were.

Glad you made it out to the strip. With some seat time and sticky tires you should definitely break into the 11s. ;D
With practice tis car should be able to hit 11.9 to 12.2. The launch alone could gain .3 to .5 I think.


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