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2013 boss wrong rear bumper

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93Cobra, you're right, my comments sound a bit harsh. But I've worked for 4 different dealers managing performance divisions of the parts dept. dealerships do SHADY things that don't ever end up on a record. If it were lot damage for example, most dealers will swap parts around from a low interest model or packaged car and put them on the more popular version in order to keep the more popular one on the front line. They deal with the damage on the side with an in house body shop or paint / detail guy as and there you have it. Popular packaged car on the front line gets sold and the other sits in the back and eventually sells down the line. Don't get me wrong, parts departments hate this sort of thing because it can cause inventory issues etc (not to mention that most of us aren't shady like that). But often times, this happens directly from the GM and other departments aren't in the loop whatsoever. Add this to the fact that the most ignorant guys at a dealer are often in the sales dept, things like this happen and then get overlooked ALL the time with larger volume dealers or dealers with large inventories etc.

I've just seen it a bunch (most often on cars we get from other dealers when we dealer trade, they'll even take certain parts off a car and put lower end parts on thinking that it won't get caught).

I have no doubt that the factory's have their own issues. But things since the dealer is the last line of "quality" checks (plus the dealers or transport to and from dealers) is where most chances of damage is, my bet would rest on my initial comments for the most part.

Besides, in the instance where the dealer missed something like this (if were done at the factory), and then sold it without noticing, I would lose all faith in that dealership.

I'm just jaded from working at dealerships for many years I guess so sorry again if I come across harsh. But that is the truth of it and stuff like this happens all the time.
I understand what you are saying, I'm just not sure what the dealer would gain by swapping the bumpers in this case. It could simply be a mistake as the part numbers are close. I have worked at dealerships for 11 years myself, and I can honestly say I haven't seen things at the level you describe. While things like lot damage and transport damage occur and repairs are sometimes required, there are laws for what has to be disclosed. I'm not sure I've ever seen a major coverup operation as you are describing as "normal".The picture you are painting is one of a store that is just scheming all day on switching parts, and using smoke and mirrors in an effort to screw everyone that comes along. It seems like it would be far more complex and wouldn't be worthwhile. At a Toyota store I worked at years ago, the salesman were known to steal floor mats from cars, but I haven't seen anything like bumpers lol..or even what you are saying with front line or this hi interest model, it just seems that whatever dealership that was was way overthinking things....


I'm not sure but aren't there more piece parts on the GT bumper than the Boss?............If there are why would the dealer buy more to fix damage?..............and if there is transport damage it's covered..............not out of the dealer least that how it was when i worked for the Ford dealer and the Lincoln dealer. It would take as I am hoping , that the new Boss will end up being valuable like the old were, and if so that you car has no conspiracy theory behind it as with the first three generation mustangs oddities like this become a value not a liability. Bolt and screw heads lend themselves to be obvious to when they are removed and reused so I am thinking you could distinguish if this bumper was added after the car was delivered. If it came from the factory like this, have it documented by the dealership in the service department (all report stay with the car that way) take a butt load of photos and enjoy a rare item. If Ford wants to correct the defect, ask for the parts only and this way you keep the 1 of 1 intact. As always ..........just an opinion.


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That's not right.

It's not a 1 of 1 in the true sense of the meaning.

Have the dealer get you the correct part and keep them both if you want. But get the right part.
Update - I have had preliminary responses from Ford and the dealer about this issue, and I am waiting to hear back from them. I'll update this thread when I find out more information.


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