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2013 One Lap of America, #18 Boss 302 Laguna Seca Summary

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Having spent a week last month in a 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca, I can say, I'm a huge fan of the Mustang, again. The 2013 One Lap of America is over, but definitely not forgotten. Look for more to come in the form of pictures, videos, interviews, articles, and possibly, magazine coverage. My summary of the event:

This past week ranks in my top 3 best weeks of my life, behind my wedding and honeymoon, and the week my daughter was born. This One Lap was my fourth one, and my best one. One Lap is a rare opportunity for me to see my father every day, if only for a week or so, and a relaxing and exciting way to use my vacation days from work. Thank you, OG Racing, for allowing me to take off this year.

Two months ago, Liam Dwyer sent me an email asking if I would like to do the One Lap with him this year in his 350Z or Boss Mustang. I replied, "Yes, I have one word for you, BOSS!" From that moment it was "Game On." Liam and I have been on the same page from Day 1. We never had any disagreements or fights, agreed on car set-up, tire pressures, camera positions, and how to share the driving duties, both on and off the track. We would help each other out when necessary, and simply got along like best friends do, having more fun than any other team along the way. Despite our almost 10-year age difference, we share the same level of maturity, and immaturity, for that matter. Our taste in music, cars, and a lot of other things are very similar. Liam, thank you for giving me the opportunity to drive your awesome Mustang, and spend a great week of vacation time with you and my One Lap family. Welcome to the family, too!

I had two concerns going into the event that I kept to myself until late in the event. I was hoping that nothing would happen on-track to Liam and his leg that could cause a wreck or put others at danger. And I was concerned that Liam's ability to get around easily might hinder us or possibly put us out of position and cost us penalties. After spending a couple days with Liam and seeing him wheel that Boss around a track, I was convinced not to worry about it again.

We never doubted our chances of winning, but there were times when we knew we had a fight on our hands and knew we would need some luck in order to stay on top in class. I may have set the bar higher than Liam did before we left on the trip, but we both drove like champions and hardly put a wheel wrong all week. I was very impressed with Liam's skills, both on and off the track, and as we both became more comfortable with the car's unbelievable capabilities, people didn't know if it was me or Liam driving the car. Consistently high finishes allowed us to push it with confidence and have some left in reserve when we needed it.

There were naturally highs and lows, but we tried to avoid getting involved in other teams' "drama". Our highs were top 10 finishes on-track going up against much more expensive and more powerful hardware. True, a Boss Laguna Seca is a track star, but how could it compete with GT-R's, Viper ACR's, Corvette ZR1's and Z06's, race-prepped Camaros, BMW's with 400+ and nearly 600 hp? And the list goes on. Well, we drove the car hard and it rewarded us with a class win and a 2nd place among all the "Stock GT" cars. After the last event, we leapfrogged into 11th place overall. Amazing.

I had some physical issues that made things a little uncomfortable, like slamming the 1M Coupe's door on my right thumb after dinner in South Bend before the start of the event was not fun. Then a few days later, my back tightened up so badly, I could hardly walk. Liam made the decision to let me rest and he would drive both events at New Orleans. I was bummed all day, and nervous, but Liam handled it like a pro. Thank you to Ann Hollis for helping me get back into the fight the next day by helping my back relax and heal quickly that long night driving to Daytona. I was not going to NOT drive Daytona! The back was sore for a few more days, but I was able to continue without more severe discomfort. Despite my pain, it made me realize what obstacles Liam has to deal with on a daily basis. He does it without complaining or bitching, and has an incredible spirit and sense of humor.

You would think I'm spending a lot of time with my father, but no. He was usually on-track a few groups behind me so we can hardly watch each other, we're on the road in separate cars, staying in separate rooms, and don't have much time to hang out other than at lunch time each day. He will admit he might be slowing down a bit, still, he's not bad for 73 years old, and I am still very proud of him. I love you, Dad!

The 2013 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna, excuse me, VIR Edition, was a great car to compete with in the One Lap. It got more looks than a lot of cars, sounded amazing for a "factory" exhaust, and was tremendously comfortable and roomy for a coupe that comes with no back seats. Turning only 2500 RPM at 80 mph in 6th gear vs 3800 RPM in 5th is a huge difference. 20+ mpg's, able to be launched in 2nd gear, in fact, after Liam an I had multiple 1st gear grinds, and pop-outs, we agreed at VIR to start in 2nd from then on. The car never missed a beat. I stalled it twice, Liam only once. It was also competitive in class, Stock GT, and Overall. People could not believe the car was stock. I've always liked Mustangs, I have childhood memories of staring at the Mustang logo on cars I would see growing up. It was truly a pleasure to drive, as good as any of the BMW's I have driven in the past, and something I would consider buying in the future for my own car.

There were many highlights of the week, they included: getting off to a flying start with good results in the wet skid pad and autocross on Day 1, driving Daytona and VIR, getting the fastest time on the CMP kart track, turning in a killer drives at the BMW Performance Center (beating their instructor, and coming within a few tenths of Andy Hollis in his One Lap Honda CRX) and the Tire Rack (both wet and dry skid pads), receiving my first ever standing ovation at the awards ceremony (I know it was for Liam and the sacrifices he's made from serving his country, but I'd like to think it was for our efforts to do well and put on a good show), and coming home on Mother's Day to hug my wife and being greeting by Senna after waking up from her morning nap.

Many thank yous are in order. Thank you to our sponsors, OG Racing, RRT Racing, Redline Design, and RDZ Motorsports. The Mustang looked awesome with all the stickers which were placed very carefully to make it look just right.

Thank you to Brock Yates Jr. for organizing such an incredible event and allowing us to have fun at some of the best, and worst, race tracks this country has to offer. It is always an honor to be a participant in the One Lap of America, but this 30th Anniversary One Lap was special. It is always great to talk to you, whether it is when arriving at the start and finish, or waiting to tackle a track session at the front of the grid, you know how to say the right thing and ease the stress, and remind us we are there to be safe and have fun.

Thank you to the NOVA crew, Team MDORPHN, Neil and Woody, Team Save the Males, Robin and Robert, and Team Clark, Dick and Jerry. Thanks for supporting us, lending a hand when needed, and putting up with our craziness. Without you guys along to witness it, no one would believe Liam and I had such a good time.

Thank you to our fans for following us, I hope we made you proud. I know Liam and I are proud of our results, and we exceeded my goals for this one of 1st in class, podium in Stock GT, and Top 15 overall. Who'd believe a stock Mustang would finish so well in this age of the One Lap?

Liam, you are my hero, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your service, and thank you for the opportunity to be your partner, teammate, and transit biznitch (I might have enjoyed driving the Mustang as much on the street as I did on the track). You are a true friend, the funniest guy I know, besides Rene von Richtofen, and I will always remember this past week we spent together. Thank you, again! Liam actually told me late in the week that he didn't think I would accept his offer, but was very glad to be his partner, and I know the feeling is mutual.

I am really in trouble now because my wife does not want me to do One Lap next year, but Liam is already planning our go at it again. Should we make the Boss better, or leave it stock again? At least we have a few more months to think about it.

Brian Hair, Liam Dwyer's partner on Team Horrible BOSS(es)
Driver of the #18 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca
1st Place SSGT2 Big Bore
2nd Place Stock GT
11th Place Overall

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Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Awesome...I wish I had known about the facebook page PRIOR to you guys running the event so I could keep up in real-time!

The Sparco R353 wheel my car now wears came from OGRacing :)


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
BimmerBrian said:
The 2013 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna, excuse me, VIR Edition


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