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2013 splitter

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Hi Guys ive got a damaged splitter so i thought i would try an aftermarket one

Tried MRT but Jason told me that they dont do one to fit the 2013 model yet

Does anyone know of any other aftermarket ones on the market for the 2013?

I feel you I had it happen to me too two weeks ago.... It is seriously a pain in the butt trying to find the splitter for a good price online since no one has them yet. I ended up ordering it from my dealer for $454.. Msrp on it is $580.

And currently from my research there is not any aftermarket splittters for the 2013 Boss. Atleast good looking or actual 2013 ones
Thanks for your answer, iw as beginning to think that it was just me!

Im sure there will be plenty of splitters coming as this shape will be around for a few years

So ill try and patch it up and wait i think

Don't worry your not the first or the last, I may be the first though....... Also the part number for the splitter is dr3z-17626-ba, also you can't drive it without the front splitter because the splitter supports the belly under the radiator and engine, so you'd have to take that off to drive it.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
fduboss302 said:
If you want a replacement OEM splitter I'd get it from Tousley...
Normally I'd agree with you here, but the truck freight charges associated with such a large item will probably wipe out their normal discounts :(

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