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2015-17 vs 2018


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San Jose, CA
Under 3 Years
Hello everyone back again with the choosing a car bullshit. What would be faster on track and as a street car. A 2015-17 gt with all the track mods coils/sway bars/ bushings/ bolt ons/ aero/etc. or a 2018+ pp1 with mods. Is it really worth the extra 5-10k to get a 2018+????

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Blair, Nebraska
W2W Racing
20+ Years
You list a 2018+ with mods , and that leaves things pretty open. The one question I can add from 30 years in the business is that 5-10K to move up is likely a good deal based on resale. Other than that I think we would all need to be more specific on what mods you are anticipating already on an 18, as the question is a little confusing and clarifying may help others with your question.


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For me personally, if the car is going to be double duty (street and track) then I would vote 18+
If the car is going to be more of a track only toy, then save your money and get the 15-17 model.


If breakin' parts is cool, consider me Miles Davis
San Diego
Under 3 Years
The 18+ has some additional power that's nice, and if you're looking at keeping some of your operation costs down, and have plentiful and quality e85 in your area, that's real hard to ignore. It does have some additional weight from the IRS, which depending on what your courses look like, might be nice, or a waste when the other option could be something like a watts link/panhard setup that weighs a lot less. Are you going all out track car that's trailered and never seeing the street, perhaps caging it up and cutting a bunch of things up, or are you looking to sell it after a few years with a handful of HPDE days on it? Appreciate the discussion topic, but like Bill mentioned, there are so many of us on different ends of the spectrum, and your question is almost too broad. If you're doing HPDE, faster could just be which is more powerful, and the 18+ with a minimal investment might win (e85 + exhaust + tune = ~ 525-550hp), but if you're going to be doing something like time trials where it'd be in a class, the slightly lighter 15-17's would be a tough cookie.

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