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# 494 is Home...Welcome to the Jungle...

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I picked up my Boss on Tuesday evening. First off, many, many thanks to JMBOSS302 for helping me track my baby since I ordered it in December ;D

The car has the Recaro's and Torsen. The dealer had the car in a private room, away from the public and the other salesmen. That really didn't work as when I arrived another salesman had called one of his customers to come and 'see a Boss in person'. Luckily the guy arrived after I did ;) About 7 of the salesmen had taken pictures of the car. People at the dealership kept coming up to me and showing me the car on their phones!

I found no issues with the car at inspection, and the paint is flawless. I'm really surprised at the minimal amount of orange peel in the factory finish. Anyway, I needed to travel for work until Friday evening, so into the garage she went. We agreed to a first date on Saturday ;)

Today I put 100 miles on the car - what an experience. This thing is aggressive and likes to be driven hard. Everyone on here is correct about that. The torsen really puts some bite into the rear end and you can feel it clawing to place the power down in the turns. I removed the exhaust disks this morning before I began and the sound is awesome. Shock settings were a bit too soft for me on '2', so I adjusted them to '3' this evening.

For all of you that are still waiting, it's worth every minute...

I knew I wouldn't get away on here without the obligatory pics, so here you go guys ;)

Congratulations. Wait until you install TracKey. ;)
Sweet! Great color too. I would love to see a photo of a '12 Kona Blue and '13 Grabber Blue together to see how the two colors contrast.

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