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Advice 12 or 13 boss

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#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
I agree that there are more potential single points of failure in the newer car technology. However, although the older cars had less to break it's been my experience that they broke far more often. Points, plugs, regulators, plug wires, batteries, carburetors, coils all were a PITA over time - especially if you lived in colder climates. I also believe the tolerances under how engines/trannys were built (for common street cars) were much wider than today. I remember the days when we counted how many minors leaks a car had vs. having an expectation that there should be none as we have now. It does suck when something goes wrong and we can't fix it easily becuase the issue sits only where the PCM really knows what';s going on, but IMHO I'd give my 2012 Boss 302 a much better chance 20 years from now than I would have given my 1982 Firebird Trans-Am.
askjeffro said:
CaliMR said:
In 20 years, where are we going to be able to find PC boards to control the sequential turn signals?

Funny, my dad and I had the exact same problem already, with his '68 Cougar...
I'm a huge fan of the '68 and '69 Cougars...plan to own one some day.
Well Jim, today is your lucky day. ;)

Seriously though, my father is in the process of selling his, its plum purple with a 302. Automatic and AC. I realize there is nearly 0 chance you'll care but wanted to mention it in case you lust after a purple automatic. :)

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