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Aeroforce Gauge

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Is anyone using an Aeroforce gauge on a 2013 Boss? I would like to know if you can read actual Oil Temp without adding a separate sensor. I know we have Oil Temp in the dash, but it’s basically a glorified idiot light. Sure would be nice to know the actual oil temp.

Thanks Chris
Tulsa, OK
As far as I know, you will need a separate sensor to read oil temps for the 13s. The 12s require a separate sensor.

It definitely would be nice to know the actual temp :) I'm considering running the separate sensor for my aeroforce.
Last summer in my 12 Boss the oil Temp was 285. That's about as high as I'm willing to go. I backed my shift points up from 7300 to 6500 and that bought the temp down to 275. Still high, but better than cooking the motor. I want the Aeroforce gauge, but I'm tried of adding sensors. Sure wish it was possible with the stock sensor. Oh well.
I have not investigated this option, but I've seen (for other cars) a temp sensor built into the oil drain plug, which would certainly be a lot easier to install (and remove, if you sell the car). I know the bulk temperature of the oil in the pan may be lower than reading it at other locations, but it would give more of an average temperature. sells them for VDO gauges. The sensor would need to be calibrated to the Aeroforce gauge.

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