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AHR long tubes/off road x w/side pipe hook ups/kooks side pipes/magnaflow


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I took a short vid for a fellow boss owner. Figured I would post it here. I got American racing headers long tubes, off road x pipe with side pipe hook ups, the redesigned kooks side pipes with 7/8" plates and magnaflow comp cat back. So basically completely aftermarket exhaust. This is on the trackey program. [youtube][/youtube]


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
captdistraction said:
I have some lts and an x sitting in my garage. I am really considering having my side pipes adapted back on
I would its well worth the sound IMO its one of the things that makes a boss a boss.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
YellowJacketBoss302 said:
Sounds great. Do you, by any chance, have a clip of a high speed drive-by? I'd love to hear the difference between my H and an X.
no I dont have any drive by videos. weather here isnt condusive to any WOT driving right now.
Good to hear them working for ya. I loved them when they where on my hot rod.
At rpm they have a very unique sound.
And I was using stock mufflers as delivered from ford.

When soe one orders them all you have to do is ask for the boss side pipe hookup.
It's a few bucks more but it seems everyone thinks that kooks is the only lt that comes with that ability.

I ran them wide open btw on a Lund ghost cam tune. It sounded mean as heck


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
It is really loud. Waiting on the 1/2" plates to come so I can tweak it. It's around a full 1" right now on the plates.

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