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An ETA that stayed true!

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Hi Everyone,

Got all the paperwork finalized last week while the car was at ramp 5P. Original ETA was 9/23 then got pushed back to 10/4. Jason (salesguy) thought maybe the Boss was taking a southern train-ride then west to head up through CA on the way home due to flooding. Next thing we know, it arrives in Wenatchee, WA last Tuesday! Huh? What happened to 4 October?

I think my Boss seduced the train's engineer to head through IN, WI, MN (kind of cool that it passed by my brother's house) then MT to ID and then beautiful WA.

Wednesday afternoon I got the call saying the car arrived in Kent where it would be unloaded an put onto a truck. KENT! WOO! I now love Kent.

Salesguy was told it would get unloaded Thursday night or Friday morning and it should be delivered to dealership Monday morning.

Got a shocking phone call at 10:30 this morning. Delivered! I can't believe the original date held true! Apparently all the folks on the lot were in shock when the truck pulled in with my baby riding proud and unscathed.

When does the racing heart and shaking hands stop? ;D

Although I missed it, the owner of the dealership (Jason's Dad) drove his original Boss 302 in to work today so he took pics of his parked next to mine. Pretty damn cool and it's too bad I had to work all day.

The Boss is all tucked in the service bay for the night still in wrappers and everyone's waiting for me to get there so I can do the PDI walkthrough with them tomorrow. PLUS, my service manager will put it on the rack for me so I can take out the discs myself. It pays to bring cookies when you meet your service team!

So in about 15 hours my friend and I should be breaking in the beast on the east side of the Cascade Mts. It's been almost a year since I started talking with the first stealership for that 2nd qtr LS and I'm glad I passed.

This was meant to be.

All Jason could say when I asked him how it looked was "Gorgeous, absolutely stunning. You're gonna pass out". He sent me pics of it but I will not open email until I see it in the flesh. Sorry but you'll have to wait too!

Because of course no one's seen a CO Boss before! :p

My cell phone is horrible to use so I'll try to find someway to post pics tomorrow night.

Sometimes ETAs do come true! I hope everyone else has he good delivery luck I did.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone on my intro thread by the way....

Congratulations. Post some photos when you get your car. You'll need to use an outside photo hosting site.
Thanks for the congrats! I'll get pics downloaded tomorrow. I'm on low laptop battery. Anyone interested in 1st drive road-trip story? I'm not as eloquent as Jimmy Pribble so I leave the field to him but I'll try if you want to hear it.

Am so in love with this car it's insane. :D
I'm #1876 by the way...

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