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Anniversary Present

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69 Mustang Vert Restomod BOSS 351 & 2013 BOSS 302
Hello All,
As you can see I am new here. And the reason for that is simple...My wife bought me a 2013 BOSS for our anniversary ! I was looking at it a while ago at the dealership and just couldn't justify it until I had the mortgage paid off, so I didn't buy it. Everyday we drove by it sitting in the showroom I was gawking at it. Then, about 3 weeks ago it was gone. I commented to the wife that I would have to start watching the local towing yards to see if some kid bought it and then racked it up ! That way I could buy it from the insurance people and fix it. She never said anything...Then 2 week later, on our anniversary, my oldest son and I were watching the hockey game and I heard someone pull into my driveway. I looked out and there was the BOSS and another 5.0L.
My wife came in and said, "Oh, your present is here"!!!! :-*
I am still in shock !!! But it sure looks good beside my '69 ! (Which I have resto modded with a BOSS 351 !)


Sweet man congrats. When using a photo hosting site like photobucket, use the img url for the picture link
Example 1(no picture or incorrect link):

Example 2 betterer link with correct picture


69 Mustang Vert Restomod BOSS 351 & 2013 BOSS 302
OK...I will try to fix...It's Odd because it shows up when I view the thread !! The pics are on another Mustang site....Maybe thats the problem....I will open a photobucket acct tonight and try that.....I like that picture !!!

Is it working now ????
Now that's what I call a wife. No justification or reasoning for getting one, it just show up in the driveway. Sweet. I think I got a callus grinder for my feet last year, I'm kidding :). You need the BSTWIFE vanity plate.

PS. remember, it's still in her name. :)

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