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Another Track Key install story!

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Yea had it done LOVE IT!!!!! But here is something funny i got to watch the prosses while the Tech did it the RPM gauge turned the most vibrant color of lime green i think i've ever seen the speedo at 0mph was dark blue and spanned to a lime green at the 180mph point. So i know the pannel can produce these colors im talking to the tech to see if the MyView can be activated some way on the i4.2 display some how... But i can say this its not on there as an option now... OH YEAH DID I MENTION THE PART ABOUT HOW MY WIFE SAID SHE NOW APROVES OF ME HAVING THE BOSS! ( and it only too :eek:k from first gear to second to change her mind!!!)
Nice! Getting track key done soon. My wife just said "if you think we can afford it and that's the car then do it". She didn't see it until we went to the dealer for delivery. I started it up and she was interested. Took her for a little drive with a 2nd to 3rd speed run and she was giggling like a kid. She loves it!

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