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Another Track Key Question

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Is anyone trying to break the code for Track Key? I assume it's easier for a tuner to make a new tune. Is the market of Boss owners too small for someone to work on cracking the code or is the code just too hard to crack? It would be great if the parameters would allow for headers, intake manifold, throttle body etc. Just let the motor breathe more and keep the Track Key features.
From my last conversation with Shaun at AED much of it has been cracked. A couple of items that haven't been were the engine decel and launch control. Seems there was something else but I can't remember. AED's ad is to the right and contact Shaun for the latest update on this.
I'd like to know to what extent, if other than at idle, Ti-VCT control has been hacked. This would seem to entail pretty sophisticated algorithm development and extensive testing to really get it right throughout the entire rev range given all the parameters that might go into it.


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Thats actually a great question. Does anyone know if its possible to get a piston/valve clash with the vct WAY off or is this engine designed for no interference ever?

Messing around with programming by a novice could be catastrophic if thats the case.

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