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Anyone Running Redline Time Attack Next Year?

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The Redline Time Attack is back next year and running what looks to be a full West Coast schedule.

Ran it a few years back in a different car and I am thinking of running it in the Boss. Anyone else?
Got a link to it?

Welcome to BMO. Do you have a 2012 or 2013 and where are you located?
Link is and it is being run by Chris who is one of the original guys from the Redline Time Attack series and one of the people who started/run Extremespeed Track events. He runs great events and should be some good competition.

I live in San Diego and own a 2012 Boss (had it for about 6 months). So far, have run Laguna Seca, Auto Club Speedway (twice) and Buttonwillow. Thanks.
DD GT3 RD said:
Jnathan you going to do it? That extreme speed event got me thinking about it

I am definetely going to run most of the Redline Time Attacks this year. I find the format to be fun and in the past time attacks I have run, the competition has been pretty good.

Having said that, I have more than burned through my February budget so not doing to do Buttonwillow. Just going to enjoy Chuckwalla on the 18th.

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