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Black 2013 LS on Jay Leno's Garage w/Dave Pericak

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Zaino, I put that $hit on everything

Interesting comments about the COI and Shifter.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
I think if Jay took it out on the track regularly he may switch to an MGW shifter ;D His stable of Fords isn't bad at all, eh ?


Good to see Jay likes the Boss more than the GT500. :)

That black LS was really, really shiny... I bet they got Justin to Zaino it for them! ;)
When touring the Flatrock plant that builds the Mustang, a person who worked there mentioned Jay Leno had toured the plant when he had a Mustang built. I didn't ask what he bought or was given but wonder could this be the car he wound up with. When he did a test drive of the 2013 Gt 500 they also had a sby Boss 302 and he mentioned he liked the Boss and that it had plenty of power. They still had him drive the GT 500 almost like they didn't want him to chose the Boss between the two on camera.
If they did give him the car he's like having advertising for Ford anyway so give him a car for endorsing Ford or whatever you'd like to call it.
This is a pre-production car, it has the emission exemption sticker on the shock tower. It also has an M plate, and no striping on the grille extension...
This Boss has been sitting in a lot of dust, take a look under the hood at the radiator cover. Great to hear Jay's comments on a car that we all love. #1, closest car to the 65 GT350 not bad!
zzyzx said:
Good to see Jay likes the Boss more than the GT500. :)

That black LS was really, really shiny... I bet they got Justin to Zaino it for them! ;)

Actually Jay Leno only uses CroftGate USA on his cars... The same stuff I use... He has a team of people that do nothing but clean his cars 5 days a week. The owner of CroftGate USA is a friend of his, and mine, and since I design graphics for the company, that is how I know...

Jay has some AMAZING cars, and some he gets for "Free", and some he pays for, after all, when your "Jay Leno" there isn't much you cannot afford.

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