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Bob White "Serial number" decals


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Bob sent me these pics of his new serial number decals for the bosses. one on each
side below the parking light and on the rear trunk drivers side...$20 for the three of them...if you want to order call him @ 561 483 3526



Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
more views. I am not making any money from him just helping him out since he was so nice to me by sending me replacement decals for the ones I messed up when I put them on. figured I would say that as outside looking in I would think the same thing lol



My preference would be the front below the turn signal. Back is O.K. where it is.
Would suggest 'Boss" for the regular Boss's. i.e. 'Boss 2511'


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Yeah I was thinking that to just have the serial number would leave most people guessing what that number means. Cant decided between front bumper postion and below the parking light. What about the drivers side front lip of the hood?


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
CaliMR said:
Did they ever confirm whether Bob White does the factory vinyl? Last I heard it was still just a rumor.
I know he makes the c-stripes but I dont know if he makes them for the factory. been asking him if he makes the hood decal as mine has a hole in it and is all swirled up. he has never replied. I think I might look into getting the hood decal painted on

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