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Boss 302 Shifting / Clunk

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So I just picked up my new 2013 Boss 302 a few weeks ago....I had to have one....and I am pretty sure I now know what true love really is now. My question, are there any tricks to proper shifting in this car. At slow speeds I get a slight clunk from time to time during shifting or when lifting off the throttle. I was thinking that maybe its just the tolerances and this is normal. (I realize this is a track car and street driving was an after thought at best) If so then I have already found the solution...never lift..pretty easy to do. However, I never have the issue when being aggressive with the throttle, I assume this is due to the fact that i am not unloading the drivetrain. I did drive my buddy's 2012 boss 302 the other day and it has the same clunking. This leads me to believe that A) thats the way it is (I don't mind) B) I need to change my driving style.

I have searched around about the issue and some owners have encountered this. They give suggestions like "buy a one piece drive shaft" or "new shifter" However I have not really seen anyone discuss their driving technique for this car on the street.

My last question is Storage of the Boss. I will be getting deployed in the next few months and will be leaving my boss in the garage for about 7 months... What suggestions do you guys have for extended storage on these cars.

Thanks for any input

A)Yeah it is normal
B)My advice: Drive gently (unless you are meaning to drive hard). It doesn't take much gas to get to speed. Also: dont drive with the red key in moderate or heavy traffic. It sucks, and you will have a hard time getting things to not clunk. But the more you drive it, the more you'll get used to it.


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So, honestly, the only time I get a clunk is when I don't engage/disengage the clutch at the proper speed on the street. What I mean by this is, if you don't disengage the clutch while you are gently letting off the throttle or you drop the clutch pedal while off-throttle, you will get a clunk as the drive train and engine try to harmonize while clunking back and forth. The engine speed should match the drive shaft speed for maximum smoothness in and out of gears. It takes a feeling and some practice but it eliminates clunks, is good to the entire drive train and just feels better. Never pull your foot off the gas pedal and then push in the clutch either, this is bad for the input bearing on the transmission. I have seen people drive this way and the three guys that I saw do this had to have input bearings in their trannies replaced at least once!!! Fluidity on throttle and clutch are paramount.
before you push in the clutch, the drive line is under stretch and when you throw in the clutch, it springs back causing the issue. This happens occasionally in heavy traffic as the idiots in from of you slam their brakes on and you don't have time to get to the clutch pedal quickly enough.

It is all about the rhythm of the gas pedal and clutch and with so many horses off-idle, just takes practice.

Also something they will tell you at track
attack, do not over grip the ball, I actually sort of just direct the shifter and it falls in smoothly. Practice will make your shift sweet, oh! It still is a blast to terrorize every other car on the road.
GTHIG 1359 out
Nick, welcome to BMO. Mine doesn't clunk anymore than other cars I've owned. If you think it's an issue take it to your dealer and have them check it out. There have been a few issues with the rear end so it's possible something could be wrong.

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